Sustainable company model

Owner-managed companies can no longer rest on their past successes. The will to preserve values and achievements for future generations is countered by the enormous speed of change brought about by technological, social and political developments. Past and current crises have shown that it is not only business models that need to be tested for crisis resistance. It is necessary to develop an individual and attractive entrepreneurial model that shapes decision-making and management models in such a way that it not only satisfies the requirements of different owners and management, but above all meets the new realities with changed challenges. Weaknesses are particularly evident in the speed of decision-making, unclear co-determination rights and decision-making processes between owner representatives and management, and in the staffing of advisory boards with the necessary competencies. What is needed is a governance model that not only addresses the day-to-day operational business, but also and above all the central social and societal challenges.

Employees are increasingly asking questions about the meaning of their own actions and expect commitment and honesty in leadership. Now is the opportunity for entrepreneurs/successors to create a meaningful vision of the future (purpose). In the medium term, the perception of responsibility as a company and owner (CSR) will develop into the core of the raison d'être of a business model or company in almost all areas.
The image of the entrepreneur will change from congenial charismatic to credible motivator and actively leading value model (servant leadership). This poses completely new challenges for owner-managers and external management.

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