Strategic workforce planning for the CIO

Ensuring IT competitiveness with a tailored IT personnel strategy

IT decision-makers are used to challenges: cost pressure, increasing requirements for cybersecurity and data protection, renewal of core systems, dealing with shadow IT and many more. Despite the many issues, solutions were always implemented quickly, especially thanks to the IT staff. In many places, however, this pillar of support is eroding: The ageing of the workforce and the high cost of training employees to keep up with developments are affecting the organization. The shortage of skilled workers and the declining attractiveness of well-trained junior staff aggravate the problem. All in all, this makes it difficult to meet the increasing demands on IT, especially as a result of digitalization. A personnel strategy tailored to IT, which focuses on the core tasks and, linked with innovative approaches to personnel recruitment, serves as a a concrete solution and makes the IT workforce ready for the future.

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Our broschures for strategic workforce planning

IT personnel strategy, Whitepaper transparency in IT costs


Ensure IT competitiveness with a customized IT personnel strategy!
  • Innovation as a new core requirement
  • IT personnel strategy as a motor for cultural change
  • IT personnel strategy based on the strategic service portfolio
  • Recommendation for action
Whitepaper on transparency in IT costs
  • The three core challenges of an efficient IT controlling
  • Reasonable targets: Establishment of an IT controlling
  • Procedure for creating transparency and controllability of IT costs
  • Transformation and change

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