Stephanie - Managing Consultant

For me, 4C combines the best of three worlds: the professionalism of a top quality management consultancy, the flexibility of a startup and the atmosphere of a family business.

The professionalism has already impressed me with my onboarding and has been confirmed in both internal and project-related approaches.

For me, flexibility means "being a designer" from day one. You can get involved in topics that interest you - and you hear it - initiative is required.

The atmosphere can be described quite well with a quote: "This does not feel like a corporate event, it's more like a family reunion" (frontman of the band on our 20 year anniversary).

I joined the 4C as a consultant after completing my Masters degree. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work in challenging projects with colleagues who have challenged and encouraged me. You can take responsibility early on, but you will not be left alone. Up to the board you will find open doors, also to exchange informal and experience.

What convinces me of 4C? Top projects, both professional and entrepreneurial environment and above all the appreciative cooperation across all levels. Consulting is People Business. For me, the human factor has a high priority in the consultation. In addition to the success of the projects, the focus is always on one's own professional and personal development.