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Early childhood education opens up opportunities

The 4C FOOTSTEPS STIFTUNG paves the way

Our vision: We want to leave footprints in early childhood education - everywhere we live and work. The early support of our children - regardless of background and social status - is crucial for their and our society's further development.

And we are so convinced of this that our 4C FOOTSTEPS STIFTUNG has been supporting selected projects since 2012, not only financially but also with the commitment of our employees - for example by sponsoring a child or by taking part in the Munich Marathon or other activities.

We are in competition for values such as freedom, tolerance and the common good, which should also remain self-evident for disadvantaged children. Out of this thought we offer sustainable support - without restriction of social, regional or other backgrounds.

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A permanent home and sustainable integration for formerly homeless children and mothers


Since 2019, the 4C FOOTSEPS Foundation has been supporting HORIZONT e. V. in various early childhood education projects. HORIZONT e.V. was founded in 1997 by Jutta Speidel and is financed almost exclusively by donations from funding foundations, companies and private individuals. The number of homeless people in Munich is rising rapidly. 10,000 people are currently without a permanent home here, including 1,700 children and young people. HORIZONT has been supporting homeless mothers and their children for 23 years. Often, they are severely traumatized and cannot escape homelessness on their own. Thanks to a holistic concept, HORIZONT gives those affected more than just a roof over their heads: the women and children are given the chance to develop sustainable life concepts for a new start in an independent life.

Support and care at daycare center HORIZONT

In the daycare center HORIZONT, residents' children are cared for together with children from the neighborhood. Here, a fundamental linking of socially disadvantaged, formerly homeless children with children from other social and cultural backgrounds takes place: In playing and learning together, they also overcome language barriers, get to know each other, build trust, and make friends outside their own demographic group, thus creating an important prerequisite for sustainable social integration.
The main goals are to integrate children from socially disadvantaged families in our society in the long term and to work for equal opportunities in our education system at an early stage. You can find out more about HORIZONT e.V. here.


Early childhood education projects

Realization with the support of the 4C FOOTSTEPS Foundation from 2020 - 2022


House of Little Scientists

Early childhood education in the fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology (MINT): The special education program provides qualified support for children of daycare age in discovering, researching and learning. The "House of Little Scientists" improves educational opportunities, promotes interest in the STEM field and professionalizes educational staff for this purpose. The foundation wants to enable all daycare and elementary school children to have an everyday encounter with mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, as well as with issues of sustainability.


Holistic, development-oriented promotion of perception and movement. Movement and perception are crucial for stable early childhood development in the areas of emotionality, cognition, language development and social behavior.

Parent support

"Parental opportunity is child opportunity: Engaging families in education early." With this program of the European Social Fund, parents of socially disadvantaged families in particular are sensitized and accompanied at an early stage and individually for the topic of the educational careers of their children.

Advanced training

Against the background of the clientele to be cared for (families formerly affected by homelessness and socially disadvantaged families), the pedagogical focus in the daycare center is on the areas of language and integration. The training courses attended by the pedagogical staff will initially focus on the topics of intercultural communication, language education, strengthening resilience and healthy nutrition.

Orientation of learning materials

The learning materials are based on the pedagogical orientation of the team and support early childhood education in the STEM areas and language development (German as a foreign language), promotion of movement, social behavior, emotionality and cognition, healthy nutrition and music.

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Other social responsibility milestones

4C Code of Conduct, UN Global Compact, EcoVadis CSR Rating


4C Code of Conduct

The 4C Code of Conduct and its respect is aimed at all those who contribute to the success of 4C GROUP - employees, suppliers and service providers as well as our business partners.

  1. Our values, vision and mission 
  2. Conduct towards our customers
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4C is an official member of the United Nations Global Compact

The Global Compact Network Germany, as part of the UN Global Compact, with more than 780 participants from business, civil society and politics supports companies and organizations to strategically anchoring sustainability and contributing to the implementation of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


Communication on progress for the UN Global Compact 2021 - Reporting period March 2020 to May 2021

Content at a glance:

  • Statement by our CEO on continued support
  • Human rights & labour standards
  • Environment & Climate
  • prevention of corruption
Sustainability rating from EcoVadis

EcoVadis' sustainability rating helps companies of all sizes and industries manage opportunities from sustainability challenges. 4C has again participated in the EcoVadis sustainability rating and has been awarded the silver status.