Corporate Social Responsibility

The intention to expand our engagement beyond our company, finally led to the founding of our 4C FOOTSTEPS FOUNDATION, which gives our social responsibility trust, structure and focus. We are very proud that many of our customers, partners and friends follow our ideas and support our foundation regularly and substantially. It is self-evident that we ensure that our social projects will benefit to 100% from these donations and that our active involvement will ensure a very high degree of efficiency.

We have also developed a Code of Conduct that summarizes in a straight forward way our fundamental attitude and principles that guide our company: just as honest merchants with the handshake as their binding promise.



Lasting support


In the past years we have supported many charitable initiatives. In 2011 however, we decided together with our employees to align our social responsibility initiatives and establish our charitable foundation "4C FOOTSTEPS STIFTUNG". We therefore aim to support financially and especially with the personal commitment of our employees projects in early childhood education in deprived environments.

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If you would like to support our foundation, contact us: 

Account* for donations: 

UniCredit Bank AG

Account number: 188 337 00

Bank identification code: 733 200 73

IBAN: DE69733200730018833700


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*4C FOOTSTEPS FOUNDATION is a nationally recognized non-profit foundation. Please enter your address in the case of referral on our donations account, if you want a tax receipt. These are available at the beginning of the following year of your donation.

4C FOOTSTEPS FOUNDATION - Flyer about the foundation

The foundation's goal is to identify promising projects in early childhood education in socially disadvantaged areas and to support them sustainably financially and with the personal commitment of our employees. Support the 4C FOOTSTEPS STIFTUNG!

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4C Code of Conduct


The 4C Code of Conduct is aimed at all those who are involved in the success of the 4C GROUP - our employees, suppliers and our business partners. We do not only focus on the standards - but on the extras: What we look at most, and how is it experienced in cooperation’s? 

4C GROUP is an official member of the United Nations Global Compact.

4C has also participated in the ecovadis assessment this year. We have been awarded the silver status again.

Communication on progress for the UN Global Compact 2021 - Reporting period March 2020 to May 2021

Content at a glance:

  • Statement by our CEO on continued support
  • Human rights & labour standards
  • Environment & Climate
  • prevention of corruption

Download (PDF - 16 pages, 406 KB)
4C Code of Conduct

The 4C Code of Conduct and its respect is aimed at all those who contribute to the success of 4C GROUP - employees, suppliers and service providers as well as our business partners.

  1. Our values, vision and mission 
  2. Conduct towards our customers
  3. Conduct towards our employees
  4. Conduct towards our stakeholders
  5. Conduct towards laws and official regulations
  6. Environmental responsibility and social commitment

Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 377 KB)