Risk and Investment Management

Risk and Investment Management - Benefit through merging the systems

Risk management is a mandatory element in many companies. Even in investment management, a risk analysis provides essential data for a sound investment decision. An equally synchronous use of this information must be brought together not only for reasons of consistency and efficiency in an overall view. Also with regard to the transparency and quality of the decision in both disciplines, it is useful to connect the information in order to avoid ad hoc "gut decisions" and "political" placeholders and to objectify decisions by comprehensible facts.

Despite the thematic proximity of risk and investment management, decisions often run parallel in terms of time and content. The background to this is that, on the one hand, risks should often be avoided by investing in risk management, but on the other hand, investments should be decided at a later stage of investment planning, sometimes with reference to the risk perspective. However, both perspectives can not be considered separately and only add value in the context of each other.

On the one hand, risk management provides a further objective data base for prioritizing investments, on the other hand, investment management financially links investment needs to risk and assesses their economic coverage within the investment plan. Combining the processes of risk and investment management therefore increases the probability of promising investments without additional effort. The information from the risk management enriches the decision quality in the investment management in terms of transparency and objectification. The basis for this successful combination is a consistent data basis and coordinated processes.

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