Regulatory Technology

Evolving from the developing digital transformation are not only innovative business models, but it also affects all processes and organizational aspects of a company mainly driven by new technologies and new interlinked communication channels with clients and stakeholders.

FinTechs show great examples not only for new business models, but also for a different and innovative approach for complying with as well as reducing costs, complexity and overall risk exposure related to rules and regulations. The replacement of the once innovative so called PostIdent procedure with online video registration for opening an account was a short time ago inconceivable and is now more or less standard for online financial services. This will even go further – from what we see now – to customer service especially in the financial sector.

Compliance with rules and regulations will even more take place in information technology and in real-time operations. That does not necessarily mean that we will see a further increase in complexity in regulatory management, but can offer opportunities for systematic and data analytics based approaches that will ultimately lead to a decrease of the deployed financial and human ressources as well as an opportunity to increase quality and speed in implementation and application of different regulatory management disciplines.

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RegTech – Regulatory Excellence
Mini e-Book - Regulatory Technology (Regtech)
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4C GROUP AG | Schönhofer Sales & Engineering (SSE) GmbH – RegTech
  • Presentation of cooperation between 4C GROUP AG and Schönhofer Sales & Engineering
  • Core Technologies for the Next Generation of Regulatory Management: Data Fusion, Real Time Analytics, Forensics/ Visualization, Automation
  • Selected examples in the anti-financial crime environment for application and implementation
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