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Reorganization of management reporting at one of the market-leading companies in the construction materials and timber trade

The company

is one of the market leaders in the construction materials and timber trade with over 100 specialist and retail locations in Germany.

The initial situation

The customer's reporting was created in Excel on the basis of various data sources and distributed in different formats and via different reporting channels. The monthly report creation required a large amount of personnel effort in the corporate controlling department. The complexity was further increased by individual requirements of each report recipient for the reporting package. More in-depth analyses required renewed coordination between report recipients and Group Controlling.

The approach

After analyzing and recording existing reports, essential information requirements were derived from the business model. In conceptual report mockups, the design, the content outline, and basic functionalities were defined. In parallel, the various data sources were merged into a central data warehouse (DWH). Subsequently, the data model was optimized so that the predefined functionalities (filters, drill-downs, etc.) could be optimally used in MS Power BI. The first implemented report in the new reporting tool served to validate the general functionalities and the uniform report notation. After testing by selected end users, the reports were rolled out first to top management and then to all operational units.

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