IT cost effectiveness

Reducing IT costs to finance innovation

In order to maintain or even increase their innovative strength under constant cost pressure, many IT organizations have to generate their innovation budget from their own resources. When IT budgets are tight and there is no possibility to build up positions, we help CIOs to save costs and create free employee capacities at the right starting points - this is how the balancing act between cost reduction and innovation increase is successful.

How can the innovative ability in IT be increased despite cost pressure?

Despite rising expectations and demands from business to IT to provide new technologies and solutions, the IT budget is not increased every year - often it is even cut. After the Corona crisis, further savings will have to follow. A key factor for increased innovation is not only an agile way of working, the right culture, strong management support and the time available for innovation, but also an adequate financial budget.

Otherwise, the basis for rapid development and consistent implementation of innovations is lacking. Sooner or later, the business units themselves drive innovation by building up their own personnel with IT know-how or by commissioning external IT service providers. The competitiveness of the own IT is decreasing!

Frequently, a large part of the IT budget is spent on commodity services, the provision of which, however, does not create a positive perception of IT in the business ("IT must run smoothly"). In many cases, these costs are the right starting point for creating the financial conditions for increasing innovative ability through sustainable cost reduction. Innovations in commodity services can also achieve further cost savings.

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