The right approach creates acceptance and a living structure

With 4C Project Governance we have developed our own best practice approach. Our approach bundles all important disciplines for controlling critical tasks and creates an overview and focus of the client's interests. 

The core principle is the accountability and transparency of those responsible for tasks within the project organisation (e.g. sub-projects, working groups, teams). Project governance defines clear roles and responsibilities as well as binding decision-making structures at the start of the project.

The basis of result-oriented project management is a meaningful overall project plan. This is drawn up on the basis of action plans with milestones and resource requirements for each work package, underpinned by the definition of a project structure plan and detailed project planning, and successively substantiated, validated and decided by the steering committee by those responsible and the project management. Implementation control is supported by ongoing project portfolio management. In this way, the necessary wealth and range of content can be prioritised, synchronised and closely monitored in terms of content, time and financial target achievement, with close involvement of the organisation.

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