Post Covid-19 - Adaption to the "New Normal"

Due to the manifold political and social discussions with regard to the economic effects of Covid-19, the impact on the German national budget and EU-wide measures, and the different reactions from competing economic areas in Asia and North America, it is already clear that economic life and the expectations of many stakeholders such as employees, customers and politicians will change dramatically.

We would like to discuss this with you in post-Covid-19 thesis papers by our experts from the various CxO areas and industries by carrying these papers in forums and social media. We are already looking forward to your critical feedback. At the same time, we offer you easy-to-use frameworks to methodically capture the concrete effects on your business model, possibly driven by customer behavior and expectations as well as new supply chains, and to transfer them into concrete fields of action.

One thing is already certain: working from the home office has certainly created new options for collaboration. To this end, we have derived "best practices" from our current customer projects and compiled them for you.

Theses for post covid Corona

theses for Finance and Human Resources


10 Theses for HR after Corona
  • Covid-19 as evolutionary accelerator - 10 theses for HR according to Corona
  • Opinions of HR experts about the time after Corona

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10 Theses for Finance after Corona
  • Covid-19 as an evolutionary accelerator -10 Theses for Finance according to Corona
  • Opinions of finance experts about the time after Corona

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Preparation for the Post Covid Impact

Revitalization of the business model


4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19: Revitalization of the business model
  • The Post-Covid-19 business model
  • 4C Offer: Business model simulation/development

Download (PDF - 7 pages, 608 KB)
Study and thesis paper CSR Reporting
  • Motivation of the study
  • Experience in the implementation of CSR reporting
  • Summary: These are the issues that will need to be addressed

Download (PDF - 12-Pager, 1,3 MB)
Whitepaper to CSR Reporting - legal duty and marketing dumb or meaningful control?

Since 2014, certain companies have been obliged to publish non-financial information on corporate social responsibility. We provide an overview of CSR reporting:

  1. Challenges in CSR Reporting 
  2. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
  3. Benefit of CSR Reporting

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 29 KB)

Team Collaboration

Virtual Team Collaboration


  • "How to make your remote workshops a success"

  • "Making virtual team collaboration efficient"

  • "Lower development costs and fast results with agile teams"

Checklist for the successful implementation of remote workshops

Get an overview of the basic rules for remote workshops in our checklist.

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Our experts for post covid-19 adaptions

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  • "Opportunities in CSR management: How to sensibly anchor the new requirements in the company"

  • Creating transparency for the control, processing of data in reporting