Peter - Partner

For me, 4C is a highly professional consultancy with foresight, short ways and pragmatic decisions. It's my chance to identify with my work and make a difference. The internal structure as well as the quality of the work fascinated me from my first day. The combination of conceptual work and operational implementation motivates me every day. And yet the company has remained down-to-earth and the partner, like the consultant, is a colleague and not just a supervisor. We pay close attention to the personal development of the employees, which is agreed together on a yearly basis. Anyone can set the pace themselves and thus becomes a bit of "his own luck blacksmith".

I started as a consultant in 2005 and over the years I have been able to establish myself as a valuable consultant, from the project assistant to the sub-project leader and the project manager. By further developments e.g. At the St. Gallen Management School and at the Controller Academy, I was able to train myself both as a specialist and as a motivator and manager.

In the meantime, as a partner, I am responsible for our topics in the CFO office; both externally for customer projects and internally in our Competence Center. This step underpins my deep attachment to the 4C GROUP's consulting and corporate philosophy.

At 4C since 2005