New Work - the transformation of the working world

Why the working world is in transition

New Work describes a fundamental change in the world of work, triggered by digitalization, new technologies, automation and demographic change, among other things. For many companies, this means a realignment of the corporate structure in order to respond to the new requirements of the new working world and the needs of the employees.

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NWXnow Live Talk: New Performance; Everything new with New Work?


NWXnow Live Talk: New Performance

How does New Work relate to key performance indicators in companies? How is performance measured and improved in times of change? In the NWXnow-Live Talk, 4C Senior Partner Dr. Heiko Mauterer intensively discussed the topics Performance and New Work with Andreas Loroch, Dr. Christian Kugelmeier and Sabine Kluge. You can view the complete talk here.


Everything new with New Work? - Why companies should start now!

The working world of tomorrow is called New Work. Digitalization and automation, demographic change and, last but not least, changing employee requirements will fundamentally change our understanding of work. Threatening? On the contrary: a huge opportunity not only for employees and managers, but for the entire corporate structure. Watch the video to find out how Senior Partner Dr. Heiko Mauterer views this development.


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