Liquidity management in hospitals

Know and decide the current liquidity

In day-to-day business, you can access a variety of often-unexpected demand requests for additional investments such as equipment, construction projects, or expensive medicines. Nevertheless, the financial result from the economic plan for the financial year should be adhered to. The funds are usually scarce and external donors (credit institutions, carriers) are not pleased with an unexpected additional financing needs.

In order to keep track of the liquidity and to be able to decide on inquiries, all information is needed reliably, meaningful and up-to-date. Would not it help you so much,

  • be able to query the funds actually available at any time simply and without effort?
  • to recognize whether these resources are sufficient and how optimal distribution should be?
  • to be able to see in advance what impact decisions have on liquidity in the short and medium term?
  • knowing what leeway you can hold in your lines of credit to offset risks?
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Whitepaper to liquidity management in hospitals

Liquidity management in the hospital - a best practice approach


Liquidity management in the hospital - a best practice approach

Your liquidity status. Which resources can you access?

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