Integrated planning

Planning is an essential part of any efficient business management. Planning translates strategic operational targets into realistic and jointly supported framework conditions. Conclusive planning concepts are strongly oriented to the business model and focus on influencing success factors and their organizational anchoring. This is the only way to concentrate the management on opportunities and risks with a real need for decision-making and thus make a significant contribution to the quality increase in the company's management.

Especially in the currently dynamic markets, the planning function and integration play a special role. This environment requires a rapid adjustment of the planning structures and an increasing number of planning periods and horizons. For this purpose, the focus must be on lean and flexible approaches and models that meet the requirements of the environment and their own needs.

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Create planning concepts effectively

Effective planning concepts are consistent with the business model

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Planung - Implementierung eines weltweiten Lean Plannings
Lean planning is only useful under certain conditions

Successful implementation of a worldwide lean planning

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Planung und Implementierung eines Konzeptes für Planungs- und Steuerungsprozesse
Improve planning without overstraining the workforce

Implementation of a concept for planning and control processes to increase planning quality and safety

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Aufbau eines Planungsprozesses
Planning must be? Then please helpful and fast

Development of a planning process and standardized project procedure in the area of application systems at a technology company

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Planung - Entwicklung einer Steuerungskonzeption
Create flexibility and increase the quality of planning and control

Development of a uniform, group-wide and information-based control concept

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Planung - Vertriebsplanung
Sales Planning: We get your numbers rolling

Analysis, implementation and support in setting up rolling sales planning

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