Digital transformation in insurances

Even more than ten years after the onset of the financial crisis, its effects on the insurance industry are still noticeable - not only due to the low interest rate environment, but also due to stricter supervision and regulation of the industry, most recently in particular for the implementation of Solvency II and IDD. A third challenge is digitisation, which is not only increasingly expected by customers, but is also being accelerated by new market players such as Fintechs. Additionally there are also structural changes in the insurance environment: "Enlightened" customers expect fair and transparent dealings with their insurer - and best of all "personal-digital", i.e. depending on the situation either individually and extensively in direct contact, but the next moment again quickly, uncomplicatedly and automatically. Insurers are also experiencing this more and more hybrid behaviour in their dealings with other market participants who, through "coopetition", are shifting the boundaries between competition and cooperation. "Survival of the Fittest" is being redefined.

We support our clients with our many years of experience in the insurance industry, in digital transformation and in project management. For our clients, we are the implementation experts in the insurance industry.

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