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4C article CIO Magazin 2021: What makes German CIOs successful
  • Which factors influence the success of CIOs
  • Why leadership skills are more important for CIOs than technical and business know-how
  • What German CIOs find particularly appealing about their position
  • Where the IT bosses themselves see their greatest successes
Making the human factor visible

Infineon Technologies AG was one of the first companies in the world to undergo the worldwide to undergo the ISO certification "Human Capital Reporting".


Publication in Personalmagazin 11/2022

4C Artikel CIO Magazin 2020: Agilität ist keine Wunderwaffe
  • Why do agile projects fail?
  • Which solution approach is suitable for a successful transformation to a flexible IT organization?
  • How can IT services be delivered in a customer-centric manner?
  • What roles and structures are needed in a flexible IT organization?
Analysis, please!

How HR goes on the offensive with new standards

Publication in HR Performance 05/2019

Basic compensation beyond the tariff - structure and dynamics

Basic compensation is often the largest cost item, but its development is not effectively controlled.


Publication in FAZ Personaljournal 5/2019

Key metrics in HR - Human Capital Reporting

First guideline for human capital reporting published: ISO 30414

Publication in HR Performance 2/2019

Personnel work and recruiting in start-ups

Why it is important and rewarding to be involved as a founder (team) early on with HR.
Practical tips and considerations for personnel work in start-ups.

Publication in ""

Digital Business Transformation in HR - Career Planning in 5 Minutes

The “Digital Prototype Career Management” can be seen as an example for an increasingly stronger spreading Digital Business Transformation, representing the digital change of all sectors of modern economy.

Publication in "HR Performance"

Hard on the own wind practice - Training for business consultants

Consultants are a demanding target group as training participants. In order to build a constructive and intensive relationship with them, trainers have to get involved with them and adapt the seminar accordingly. An HR manager from a medium-sized management consultancy and an external trainer report on how this works.

Publication in "Training aktuell"

Women in salary negotiations - "Tell me what to earn!"

The problem of the gender pay gap is well known. But why is it that women with the same qualifications often earn less than men? Claudia Irsfeld has conducted a number of job interviews and salary interviews and has found answers and solutions that go beyond what the literature provides.

Publication in "managerSeminare"

Clinic in your pocket - University clinics focus on career planning by app

Against the background of the blatant lack of nursing staff, clinics describe the prevailing complexity and lack of transparency about development opportunities within a hospital as a further challenge. 


Publication in "Das Krankenhaus" (The Hospital)

What role does digitalization play in change processes in hospitals?

Interview with Andreas Walter about corporate development in hospitals and the role of digitization in this context.

  • What makes change management successful?
  • What role does digitization play in change processes in hospitals?
  • What makes a hospital successful?

Publication of the interview in KMA Online  

4C FOOTSTEPS FOUNDATION - Flyer about the foundation

The foundation's goal is to identify promising projects in early childhood education in socially disadvantaged areas and to support them sustainably financially and with the personal commitment of our employees. Support the 4C FOOTSTEPS STIFTUNG!

Communication on progress for the UN Global Compact 2022 - Reporting period June 2021 to May 2022

Content at a glance:

  • Statement by our CEO on continued support
  • Human rights & labour standards
  • Environment & Climate
  • prevention of corruption
4C Study: Key figure-oriented corporate management: Development into a driving force in decision-making and implementation processes

Content at a glance

  • What are the control requirements?
  • Evaluation with 4C maturity model
  • From interview to 4C maturity model
  • Results at a glance
4C Code of Conduct

The 4C Code of Conduct and its respect is aimed at all those who contribute to the success of 4C GROUP - employees, suppliers and service providers as well as our business partners.

  1. Our values, vision and mission 
  2. Conduct towards our customers
  3. Conduct towards our employees
  4. Conduct towards our stakeholders
  5. Conduct towards laws and official regulations
  6. Environmental responsibility and social commitment
Whitepaper on Digital Agenda: How to ask the right questions
  • Developing a finance vision
  • Creating new solutions: Design Thinking Workshops
  • Defining tasks and dependencies using the Digital Agenda
Digital Finance - Digitization will increasingly change finance
  • Where does digitization begin? 
  • Digitization is the project to use digital technology to offer new products, to improve processes and to improve communication and networking 
  • Digital Strategy, Digital Operations and Digital Capabilities
Whitepaper to process mining - unprecedented transparency opens up the potential for standardization and permanent optimization!
  • Challenges 
  • Identifying potentials 
  • Measure the success 
  • Best practice approach
Whitepaper to profitability management
  • Objectives of profitability and cost management
  • Basics and principles
  • Instrument kit
Whitepaper Predictive Analytics - Take your forecast to the next level with predictive analytics!
  • Classification and benefits of predictive analytics
  • Requirements & limits
  • Procedure for the introduction of predictive analytics
  • About the cooperation of the 4C GROUP and the Controller Academy
Robust SCM - what do we learn from the crisis?
  • Supply Chain Management - an elementary control task
  • Safety stocks must be included in the sense of a holistically successful management of the value and supply chain


Thesis paper IT control in insurance companies
  • Worries about the next generation in insurance IT
  • Focal points in insurance IT
  • Prioritizing the IT personnel strategy
Whitepaper on transparency in IT costs
  • The three core challenges of an efficient IT controlling
  • Reasonable targets: Establishment of an IT controlling
  • Procedure for creating transparency and controllability of IT costs
  • Transformation and change
Study and thesis paper CSR Reporting
  • Motivation of the study
  • Experience in the implementation of CSR reporting
  • Summary: These are the issues that will need to be addressed
Whitepaper on PSD2 - What the IT of Third Party Providers needs to consider when providing PSD2 services
  • What should be considered when mapping PSD2 services?
  • What are the service-related IT requirements?
  • How should framework IT requirements be defined?
Whitepaper on Transformation of Business Applications - Leading the Generation change of a critical Business Application to success
  • The main challenges in companies
  • Phase 1 - Transformation Impact & Strategy
  • Phase 2 - Transformation Design
  • Phase 3 - Transformation Execution
Whitepaper on Project Governance - successfully master the change marathon: How management and top management can still sleep peacefully with 4C Project Governance © in mission-critical projects
  • The essential challenges and change processes in companies
  • Solution: The initialization of 4C Project Governance ©
  • 4C Consulting approach
  • Benefits and Results of a Created 4C Project Governance ©: Overview of Key Value Contributions of 4C Project Governance ©
Minimalism in Reporting - The 4C Notation ©: How to use a company-specific presentation to make your reporting appealing, thus increasing the acceptance and effectiveness of your top management
  • General rules of 4C notation ©
  • Negative Rules and positive rules of Notation
  • Guidelines for column and bar diagrams


IFRS 16 - More than just balance sheet effects

The application of IFRS 16 has far-reaching accounting, organizational, procedural and technical implications. We provide an overview of:

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Standardized process model to IFRS 16
Digitization and many innovative tools - and we fight with Excel and user exits! A new tool must come! You can see the computer revolution everywhere just not in the productivity statistics
  • What's the problem?
  • 4C Solutions-Navigator - take the right tool in your hand!  
Whitepaper Target Operating Model - Preparation for CFO 4.0: Without a clear target image of the future finance organization, the CFO area will become the company's dinosaur!
  • How can the new available data be integrated into the reporting?
  • What does reporting and control look like under industry 4.0 sign?
  • What effect will the relocation of CRM systems to the cloud have on the CFO? 
  • Is the old paradigm that every number in the company must come from the CFO area losing its validity?
  • Can one trust the promises of the manufacturers who once again promise integration?
  • When can reporting and planning finally become part of general corporate management and not a controlling event?
Whitepaper electronic invoicing - paper invoices are a thing of the past: The ZUGFeRD format - an industry initiative
  • e-Invoice - everyone creates their own standard
  • The ZUGFeRD* format - an industry initiative
Whitepaper to process automation using the example purchase to pay - What happens to the accounts payable accountant?

The advancing digitalization promotes a process automation of the Purchase-2-Pay process and turns the buyer into an accountant - or vice versa!

  • Why process automation at all?
  • The choice of a suitable change management approach is of utmost importance for the success of the project.  
Integrated Reporting: Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?
  • Why a paradigm shift in reporting is necessary
  • Integrated Reporting at a glance
  • Implementation of integrated reporting in practice
  • Benefits of Integrated Reporting 
Whitepaper to key figure control: Signal for corporate management with a course towards strategic and operational goals
  • Challenges of key figure control
  • Potential of key figure control: on the way to the key figure system
  • solution approach 
Human Capital Reporting - Overview
Risk management: Ensuring long-term economic health of your company by actively managing opportunities and risks
  • Challenges in managing risks
  • 4C model for integrated management of operational risks
  • Benefits and results: Advantages of integrated risk management
Whitepaper for Reporting Factory - Reporting and digitization
  • Reporting 4.0 - digital and efficient
  • Challenges of the implementation
  • Best Practice - Reporting Factory in its purest form
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Open insurance: How insurance companies use digital ecosystems
  • Insurance and digital ecosystems
  • How your service offering becomes fit for digital ecosystems
  • What you should keep in mind during implementation
  • How the 4C GROUP supports you in the implementation
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Corporate Liability in Germany
  • Initial situation & objective
  • Review & basis
  • Impact on companies
  • Sanction mitigating measures
  • 4C benefits
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Diversity, a real lever for top performance in a volatile world!
  • Sustainability, CSR, Diversity - What is it all about?
  • Can diversity have a business case?
  • How can diversity be classified? - A basic classification in HR work
  • A framework for leveraging the opportunities of diversity
  • The roadmap
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Compliance Efficiency
  • Introduction and Overview
  • „Compliance Efficiency"
  • Regulatory Technology
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet agile transformation
  • Why agile? - benefits
  • Innovation culture
  • Cross-functional structure
  • Project setup
  • Use cases
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet remote team collaboration
  • Enabling the team to collaborate remotely
  • Creating a sustainable virtual work environment
  • Usage of tools for different use cases
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Pandemic checkup for IT organizations
  • Introduction
  • Challenges
  • Approach for more resilient IT organizations
  • Proposed project planning

4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19: Securing promotional loans successfully
  • Development stages of crisis management 
  • 4 core components of emergency aid
  • Application for promotional loans/emergency aid
  • Value creating application scenarios
  • Continuation scenarios
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Liquidity management and securing liquidity
  • Course of the crisis
  • Leverage to initiate liquidity-securing measures
  • Focus: Liquidity management
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19: Applying for state financial aid and loans
  • Course of the crisis
  • 4 core components of emergency financial aid
  • Emergency financial aid in federal states
  • KfW Entrepreneur Loan
  • Liquidity Management
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19: Revitalization of the business model
  • The Post-Covid-19 business model
  • 4C Offer: Business model simulation/development
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19 Crisis management, securing liquidity and revitalisation of the business model
  • Course of the crisis
  • Leverage to initiate liquidity-securing measures
  • Continuation scenarios
  • Focus: Liquidity management
  • Post-Covid-19 business model
4C GROUP AG | E-booklet Workforce Management & Analytics
  • Introduction to Workforce Management & Analytics
  • Workforce Management activities
  • Trends and benefits of Workforce Management & Analytics
  • Organizational positioning
  • Specific project examples
4C GROUP AG | E-booklet ISO 30414: Our certification services
  • Opportunities of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 at a glance
  • Contents of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 
  • Requirements and successful implementation of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414
  • The most important steps: Your benefits and our certification services 
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet International guideline for human capital reporting ISO 30414
  • Importance of Human Capital for Organizations
  • Core content and application of the guideline
  • Benefits and implications
Excerpt from "The Krankenhaus MVZ" - Future of outpatient Care
  • Framework conditions
  • Structure and Organization
  • Interfaces
  • Operational management 
4C GROUP AG | A Guide to ESEF / European Single Electronic Format
  • FAQs - who is affected, what is to be done, when must one react?
  • Effects of ESEF regulation on processes and systems
  • Overview of the system providers on the market
  • Recommendations and solutions of the 4C GROUP
  • Demonstration tagging and XBRL generation using an exemplary solution
4C GROUP AG | Our understanding of change management - using proven approaches - managing change
  • Change Management at 4C
  • Transporting the right messages
  • Keeping employee enthusiasm high in the long term
4C GROUP AG | Schönhofer Sales & Engineering (SSE) GmbH – RegTech
  • Presentation of cooperation between 4C GROUP AG and Schönhofer Sales & Engineering
  • Core Technologies for the Next Generation of Regulatory Management: Data Fusion, Real Time Analytics, Forensics/ Visualization, Automation
  • Selected examples in the anti-financial crime environment for application and implementation
IT control in insurance companies: Control wins

The realignment of the IT organization in insurance companies for a tailor-made, modern and sustainable IT.

4C GROUP AG | PSD2 - Digital Transformation
  • Opportunities of the PSD2 at a glance
  • Requirements of the PSD2
  • The regulatory challenge: What non-banks need to consider
  • Approval package of the 4C GROUP
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Enabling Digital Transformation
  • Why is Digital Transformation important?
  • How can Digital Transformation be initiated?
  • How can 4C help you with Digital Transformation?
4C GROUP AG | E-booklet Robotic Process Automation
  • Understanding Robotic Process Automation
  • Application areas and functions
  • Roadmap
  • Market overview RPA solutions
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet IT controlling in insurance companies - with SAP S/4 HANA
  • The IT service pyramid as a central control object
  • Planning and control aspects in IT controlling
  • [...] and what about SAP Hana?
  • Summary
4C GROUP AG | Digital Strategy
  • Definition of customized digitization strategies
  • Customer needs at the center of the digitization strategy
  • Market and organization view
  • Starting points for successful implementation
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Efficiency increase in regulatory reporting processes
  • Reduce effort, increase efficiency, promote good decisions
  • 3-step process: stocktaking, analysis of reports, optimization of processes
  • Benefits for employees in the creation process and benefits for Chief Risk Officer / Boards
4C GROUP AG | SAP S/4HANA Transition Management - The way to SAP S/4HANA: only through excellent transition management you reach your goals!
  • Expectations of the "new" tool
  • The view of SAP customers and their needs
  • The Business Transformation
  • S4/HANA Roadmap
  • procedure model
4C GROUP AG | Conflict of interest management at investment services companies
  • Advanced stages of conflict of interest management
  • regulatory framework
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Types of conflicts of interest
  • Measures / tools to manage conflicts of interest
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Implementation or change of business applications
  • Initial situation and benefits for the customer
  • transformation drivers
  • 4 steps to successful transformation
  • transformation strategy
4C Study 2021/22: "Attracting and retaining IT talent"

The following key questions are answered in the study:

  • What criteria are important for attracting IT talent?
  • Why do IT talents choose non-IT companies? Why not?
  • What do IT talents expect from the recruitment and interview process?
  • Where and how are IT talents best approached?
4C Study 2022: "Measuring and communicating IT business value" (preview)

The following key questions are answered in the study:

  • What is IT Business Value?
  • How can IT Business Value be measured?
  • What does IT business value show?
  • How high is the share of IT in the company's success?
4C Study 2022: "Implementation of cybersecurity strategies in the energy sector"

Experts from Germany's largest power grid operators were surveyed on the following key topics:

  • Number and intensity of cyber attacks
  • Responsibilities
  • Control mechanisms
  • Information procurement
  • Awareness of top management
  • Supply chain risks
  • Future technologies and concepts
4C Study 2022/2023: "Leadership styles of successful CIOs" - Preview
4C Study 2023: "Effective Governance of IT/OT Convergence" - Preview
4C Study 2023: "Contribution and Success Factors of Sustainable IT" - Preview
Pay-per-use Leasing
  • The increasing relevance of flexible options for service billing
  • Individual and customizable concepts of a pay-per-use solution
  • The targeted and individual implementation of the pay-per-use solution
MDK Management / Management of the Medical Service of Health Insurance Companies: From primary revenue assurance to quality improvement through smart procedures and optimized reports for the right view of the core factors.
  • Challenge and approach
  • The most important value contributions of structured MDK management
  • Multidimensional reporting
  • MDK Risk and fields of action 
  • Measure Control
Hospital Management - From the past to the future: with the right compass, the hospital can be optimally controlled
  • Challenges for hospitals
  • Focus on integration and efficiency improvement
What you can’t MEASURE, you can’t manage - The performance management method 4C MEASURE
  • Topics of the 4C MEASURE method
  • Essential features of the software solution
  • Realization plan - implementation in five steps
  • Advantages for your controlling
9 Theses for digitiziation after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as an enforcement accelerator - 9 theses for digitization according to Corona
  • Opinions of digitization experts about the time after Corona
10 Theses for IT after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as driver for recognition and innovation - 10 theses for IT after Corona
  • Opinions of IT experts about the time after Corona
Process Mining in Hospital Management - Proof of Value provides process transparency and potentials
  • Reasons for the backlog of changes in clinics
  • Process Mining: uncovering process potentials and creating objectivity
  • Celonis Process Mining as a field-tested solution
  • 4C GROUP consulting approach: Proof of value for a comprehensible basis for decision-making
Initiative to reduce the workload of hospital staff through specially tailored process automation

In light of the current, unprecedented challenges caused by Covid-19, the 4C GROUP has teamed up with UI Path, the world's leading provider of process automation software, to quickly and unbureaucratically launch a healthcare relief initiative. The goal of this initiative is to quickly and noticeably relieve the burden on hospital staff through specially tailored process automation.

10 Theses for HR after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as evolutionary accelerator - 10 theses for HR according to Corona
  • Opinions of HR experts about the time after Corona
10 Theses for Finance after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as an evolutionary accelerator -10 Theses for Finance according to Corona
  • Opinions of finance experts about the time after Corona
Finance and liquiditiy planning: Excel template
Finance and liquidity planning: Description of the Excel template
  • Fundamentals of financial and liquidity planning
  • Requirements in accounting
  • Structure of the file and instructions for filling
Find clarity when you need it most – 4C ready to use HR reports
  • Interactive visualizations based on Microsoft Power BI or tableau bring your HR data to life
  • Get answers to about 90 percent of all HR-relevant questions
  • Valuable insights from your data within minutes through intuitive reports
  • Rapid provision on the basis of 4C ready to use HR reports within approx. 2 weeks
  • No software implementation or elaborate conception for HR reporting necessary
Competitive advantages and transparency through effective IT controlling - A repositioning of IT controlling beyond budget control is overdue
  • Increasing IT requirements
  • IT controlling and IT management: value creation phases
  • Solution und Consulting approach of the 4C GROUP 
  • Benefits of performance-oriented IT controlling
CSR Reporting - legal duty and marketing dumb or meaningful control?

Since 2014, certain companies have been obliged to publish non-financial information on corporate social responsibility. We provide an overview of CSR reporting:

  1. Challenges in CSR Reporting 
  2. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
  3. Benefit of CSR Reporting
Innovation Management - Laying the foundation for tomorrow's business: Not the generation of ideas, but their structured implementation to market maturity differentiates the champions from the competition
  • Innovation as one of the essential success factors of a company
  • Effective control and efficient organization
  • 4C Consulting approach and benefits and results
Top management reporting: Focusing corporate management on real key performance indicators - Powerful control concepts are the prerequisite for effective management cockpits
  • Need for effective and transparent control information as a starting point for the introduction of a Management Cockpit
  • 4C approach to developing an effective management cockpit
  • Advantages and Benefits of a Management Cockpit
Cost and activity accounting indispensable in the age of digitisation? Increase the benefit!
  • Challenges: are the old ones - only in higher cycles and greater complexity
  • Cost and activity accounting is more than a BAB or a disregarded cost center evaluation.
  • 4C Healthcheck for a sound analysis of the KLR in your company
Cost management - more than just cost reduction: Advantages of continuous potential control
  • Cost management - a central topic of corporate management
  • Solution: Control model aligned with the entire value chain
  • 4C consulting approach: holistic consideration of all relevant components of cost management
  • Results and benefits
Creating the foundation for effective performance management: The path from controlling to corporate management
  • Initial situation and basis for successful performance management
  • 4C approach: creation of an instrument matrix 
  • Benefits and results: Support for the overarching management of the company and its individual divisions
Effective planning concepts are consistent with the business model
  • Efficient and coherent planning processes
  • Solution: the 4C Planning Map
  • 4C consulting approach: 4C planning assessment method
  • Benefits/ Results and Tools
Successfully manage service providers: Success Factors for effective Vendor Management
  • Challenges: Managing external service providers or shared service centers
  • Factors for result-oriented and successful vendor management 
  • Solution: Targeted design and consistent performance of the central tasks of vendor management
Liquidity management in the hospital - a best practice approach

Your liquidity status. Which resources can you access?

Group controlling

Knowing what's going on, enables you to control better

SAP S/4HANA Discovery Workshops

Evaluate the potential of SAP S/4HANA finance for your company - individual, compact and fast!

Restructuring in Healthcare

How do you find out what is really relevant for your house and how do you shape change?

Anti money laundering (AML) - Implementing the money laundering act successfully
  • 4C fields of support
  • Specialist focus in the area of anti-financial crime
  • Methodical expertise
Take your planning to a new level! Discover the possibilities of our integrated, individually adaptable planning models
  • Planning as an elementary component for a successful company
  • Comprehensive and tailor-made planning solutions from the 4C GROUP
  • Mapping of the cause-and-effect relationships in the planning model with drivers
10 Theses for owner-managed companies after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as evolutionary accelerator - 10 theses for owner-managed companies after Covid-19
  • Expert opinions about the time after the Coronavirus
Thesis paper IT sourcing analysis
  • The balancing act between new IT requirements and limited resources
  • Use cases of an IT sourcing analysis
  • Determining the right sourcing mix
Ensure IT competitiveness with a customized IT personnel strategy!
  • Innovation as a new core requirement
  • IT personnel strategy as a motor for cultural change
  • IT personnel strategy based on the strategic service portfolio
  • Recommendation for action
Successful implementation of corporate goals through active management of the project portfolio: Focusing scarce resources on business-critical projects
  • Challenges in project portfolio management
  • Solution: Intelligent project portfolio management
  • Methodical approach and 4C consulting approach
  • Benefits and results of a consistent application of project portfolio management
Competitive advantages through effective IT control - The 4C maturity model for evaluating the performance of IT control
  • Challenges for the control of a modern IT area
  • Determining the Maturity Level of IT Control: Establishing the Maturity Level Assessment for the IT Control Modules
  • Solution and 4C consulting approach
  • Benefits and results of the maturity model/ maturity assessment
  • Recommendations for action and roadmap to the maturity level model 
Effective IT risk management creates real value in information technology: IT risk management is much more than just compliance
  • Risks in IT and the associated risks in the business processes of companies
  • Goals of IT risk management
  • Basis for effective IT risk management
  • 4C Consulting approach + benefits and results: Enabling effective and efficient risk management 
Effective group controlling ensures efficiency gains in group controlling: Success factors for the implementation of a successful group controlling
  • Why do we need effective group controlling?
  • Solutions and 4C Method for effective group controlling
  • Benefits and results


Reporting requires a structured closing process: Period ending - the inconspicuous process that depends a lot
  • Significance of the closing process for corporate management
  • best practice
  • Approach 4C GROUP
Checklist - framework parameters for the perfect consolidation tool

Get a summary of typical criteria for selecting a consolidation system in our checklist.

Self-Check to HCM Readiness - Checklist

Download the HCM Readiness Self-Check now!

Checklist for the successful implementation of remote workshops

Get an overview of the basic rules for remote workshops in our checklist.

Case study on agile product development at a financial services provider - with structured creativity to innovative services

The Lean Service Creation approach to developing digital product ideas for a Pure Digital Player in the financial services industry.

Case Study on Lean Planning at a leading global provider of special medical products - lean planning is only useful under certain conditions

Successful implementation of a worldwide lean planning

Case study of a pharmaceutical company - improve planning without overstraining the workforce

Implementation of a concept for planning and control processes to increase planning quality and safety

Case study on planning in a technology company - Planning must be? Then please helpful and fast

Development of a planning process and standardized project procedure in the area of application systems at a technology company

Case study for the development of a uniform control concept for a spectacle manufacturer - Creating flexibility and an increase in the quality of planning and control

Development of a uniform, group-wide and information-based control concept

Case study on sales planning in an IT service and consulting company group - we get your numbers rolling

Analysis, implementation and support in setting up rolling sales planning

Case study on the liquidity bottleneck of an hospital - financial management in times of crisis

Restructuring and interim management - Finance in hospitals

Case Study - on the way to digital transformation with innovative services for the digital further development of the existing business model

Insight into the digitalization in a German retail bank: Development & implementation of a personal finance management application as well as business model definition & anchoring

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