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4C Study: Key figure-oriented corporate management

Development into a driving force in decision-making and implementation processes

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 708 KB)
4C Study 2014 - IT Service Management - Revolution in your IT Organization?

Study on the Industrialization of IT Service Management (ITSM)

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 90 KB)
4C Study 2010 - Cost Management - Business as usual?

How do modern instruments of cost management help on the way to active cost control?

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 84 KB)
4C Study 2008 - Knowing today what counts tomorrow

Study on key figure-oriented corporate management 2008/2009

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 84 KB)
4C Study 2007 - Secret of an effective Management Cockpit

Importance of the Management Cockpit for key figure-supported corporate management

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 107 KB)
4C Study 2006 - Cross-functional controlling has highest priority for operational management

Goals, challenges and priorities in controlling from a corporate and functional perspective

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 533 KB)
4C Study 2005 - Corporate management often lacks effectiveness and transparency in the flow of information

Potentials of corporate management: Focusing on strategic and operative goals as a success factor

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4C Study 2004 - Concepts, Processes, Organization and Systems: State of the Art and Development of ERP Systems

Strategy, usage and obstacles of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse as success factors

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 485 KB)
Successful implementation of corporate goals through active management of the project portfolio

Focusing scarce resources on business-critical projects

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 702 KB)
Competitive advantages and transparency through effective IT controlling

A repositioning of IT controlling beyond budget control is overdue

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 691 KB)
Competitive advantages through effective IT control

The 4C maturity model for evaluating the performance of IT control

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 709 KB)
Project Governance - successfully master the change marathon

How management and top management can still sleep peacefully with 4C Project Governance © in mission-critical projects

Download (PDF - 6-Pager, 758 KB)
Effective IT risk management creates real value in information technology

IT risk management is much more than just compliance

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 697 KB)
Effective investment controlling ensures efficiency gains in Group Controlling

Success factors for the implementation of a successful group controlling

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 703 KB)
Innovation Management - Laying the foundation for tomorrow's business

Not the generation of ideas, but their structured implementation to market maturity differentiates the champions from the competition

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Minimalism in Reporting - The 4C Notation ©

How to use a company-specific presentation to make your reporting appealing, thus increasing the acceptance and effectiveness of your top management

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Reporting requires a structured closing process

Period ending - the inconspicuous process that depends a lot

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 690 KB)
Top management reporting: Focusing corporate management on real key performance indicators

Powerful control concepts are the prerequisite for effective management cockpits

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 710 KB)
Cost and activity accounting

Cost and performance accounting indispensable in the age of digitisation? Increase the benefit!

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 720 KB)
Cost management - more than just cost reduction

Advantages of continuous potential control

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 717 KB)
Performance Management

The path from controlling to corporate management - creating the foundation for effective performance management

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 707 KB)
Create planning concepts effectively

Effective planning concepts are consistent with the business model

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 1,9 MB)
Profitability Management

The essential difference between analysis and management is the measure - if used correctly and consistently, it leads to more profitability.

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 435 KB)
Funding Guidelines

Your way through the funding jungle

Download (PDF - 22 pages, 3,4 MB)
Successfully manage service providers

Success Factors for Effective Vendor Management

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 708 KB)
RegTech – Regulatory Excellence
Regulatory Technology (Regtech)
Download (PDF - 6-Pager, 333 KB)
4C GROUP AG | Conflict of interest management at investment services companies
Download (PDF - 11 pages, 737 KB)
4C GROUP AG | Schönhofer Sales & Engineering (SSE) GmbH – RegTech
Download (PDF - 14 pages, 1,2 MB)
4C GROUP AG | Implementation or change of business applications
Download (PDF - 8 pages, 539 KB)
4C GROUP AG | ESEF / European Single Electronic Format
Download (PDF - 15 pages, 1,0 MB)
4C GROUP AG | SAP S/4HANA Transition Management

The way to SAP S/4HANA- only through excellent transition management you reach your goals!

Download (PDF - 10 pages, 1,5 MB)
4C GROUP AG | Change Management
Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 776 KB)
Personnel work and recruiting in start-ups

Why it is important and rewarding to be involved as a founder (team) early on with HR. Practical tips and considerations for personnel work in start-ups.

Download (PDF - 7 pages, 337 KB)
Training für Unternehmensberater
Hard on the own wind practice

Training for business consultants

Download (PDF - 6-Pager, 224 KB)
Veröffentlichung HR Performance_Agiles Projektvorgehen
Not always the full program - Agile project approach in a non-agile enterprise environment

Publication in the "HR Performance"

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 626 KB)
HR-Performance_Digital Business Transformation in HR
Digital Business Transformation in HR - Career Planning in 5 Minutes

Publication in the "HR Performance"

Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 1,1 MB)

The foundation's goal is to identify promising projects in early childhood education in socially disadvantaged areas and to support them sustainably financially and with the personal commitment of our employees.

Download (91 KB)
Communication on progress for the UN Global Compact 2017

Reporting period February 2016 to February 2017

Download (PDF - 15 pages, 462 KB)
4C Code of Conduct

The 4C Code of Conduct and its respect is aimed at all those who contribute to the success of 4C GROUP - employees, suppliers and service providers as well as our business partners.

Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 4,4 MB)
Via app to internal career - a self-developed app for internal job search

Publication in "Personalwirtschaft"

Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 1,0 MB)
Das Krankenhaus MVZ - Zukunft ambulanter Versorgung
Excerpt from "The Krankenhaus MVZ" - Future of outpatient Care

Contribution: "Future of outpatient Care"

Download (PDF - 19 pages, 522 KB)
The job in the bag - Interview with Christian Baier on the topic "Development and Implementation of a Job App"

Publication in the "Real Estate Manager"

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 1,0 MB)
Veröffentlichung Personalwirtschaft Headcount und Personalkosten
Headcount and personnel costs one step ahead - exact planning of staff and personnel costs

Publication in "Personalwirtschaft"

Download (PDF - 6-Pager, 455 KB)
Personnel work and recruiting in start-ups

Why it is important and rewarding to be involved as a founder (team) early on with HR. Practical tips and considerations for personnel work in start-ups.

Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 2,9 MB)
4C GROUP AG - Multiteaming
Team 4.0 (Multiteaming) - One for all

Publication in the "Personalwirtschaft"

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 586 KB)
KMA Online- Unternehmensentwicklung
KMA Online - Coporate Development

What kind of role does digitization play during change processes in hospitals?

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 197 KB)
Women in salary negotiations

"Tell me what to earn!"

Download (PDF - 8 pages, 778 KB)
Clinic in your pocket

University clinics focus on career planning by app

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 522 KB)
Planung - Implementierung eines weltweiten Lean Plannings
Lean planning is only useful under certain conditions

Successful implementation of a worldwide lean planning

Download (PDF - One Pager, 165 KB)
Planning and implementation of a concept for planning and control processes
Improve planning without overstraining the workforce

Implementation of a concept for planning and control processes to increase planning quality and safety

Download (PDF - One Pager, 161 KB)
Structure of a planning process
Planning must be? Then please helpful and fast

Development of a planning process and standardized project procedure in the area of application systems at a technology company

Download (PDF - One Pager, 161 KB)
Planning - Development of a control concept
Create flexibility and increase the quality of planning and control

Development of a uniform, group-wide and information-based control concept

Download (PDF - One Pager, 161 KB)
Planning - Sales Planning
Sales Planning: We get your numbers rolling

Analysis, implementation and support in setting up rolling sales planning

Download (PDF - One Pager, 160 KB)
IFRS 16: More than just balance sheet effects

The application of IFRS 16 has far-reaching accounting, organizational, procedural and technical implications.

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 241 KB)
Liquidity management in the hospital - a best practice approach

Your liquidity status. Which resources can you access?

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 273 KB)
Planung und Forecasting mit Polavis MEDplan
Planning and forecasting with Polavis MEDplan

From the fog into the clutter - with the right planning instrument, keep the hospital on track

Download (PDF - One Pager, 64 KB)
Hospital Management

From the past to the future - with the right compass, the hospital can be optimally controlled

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 186 KB)
POLAVIS - Die zentrale Lösung für eine integrierte Krankenhaussteuerung
POLAVIS - The central solution for integrated hospital management

Active planning and controlling in the hospital - all relevant control instruments in one application

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 196 KB)
Process Mining - unprecedented transparency opens up the potential for standardization and permanent optimization!

Optimization and harmonization of processes

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 277 KB)
Financial management in times of crisis

Restructuring and interim management - Finance in hospitals

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 190 KB)
MDK Management

From primary revenue assurance to quality improvement through smart procedures and optimized reports for the right view of the core factors.

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 222 KB)
Participation controlling

Who knows whats on, can control better

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 270 KB)
Digitization and many innovative tools - and we fight with Excel and user exits! A new tool must come!

You can see the computer revolution everywhere - just not in the productivity statistics "(Solow)

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 130 KB)
Preparation for CFO 4.0

Without a clear target image of the future finance organization, the CFO area will become the company's dinosaur!

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 213 KB)
SAP S/4HANA Discovery Workshops

Evaluate the potential of SAP S/4HANA finance for your company - individual, compact and fast!

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 169 KB)
CSR reporting - legal duty and marketing dumb or meaningful control?

Legal duty and marketing dumb or meaningful control?

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 232 KB)
Digital Finance

Digitalization will increasingly change finance.

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 197 KB)
Agile product development in practice - with structured creativity to innovative services

The Lean Service Creation approach to developing digital product ideas for a Pure Digital Player in the financial services industry.

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 250 KB)
On the way to digital transformation - with innovative services for the digital further development of the existing business model

Insight into the digitalization in a German retail bank: Development & implementation of a personal finance management application as well as business model definition & anchoring

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 209 KB)
Electronic invoicing - paper invoices are a thing of the past

The ZUGFeRD format - an industry initiative

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 102 KB)
4C GROUP AG_Prozessautomatisierung
Process automation using the example Purchase to Pay - What happens to the accounts payable accountant?

The advancing digitalization promotes a process automation of the Purchase-2-Pay process and turns the buyer into an accountant - or vice versa!

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 199 KB)
Integrated Reporting

Fashion trend or future of corporate reporting?

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 324 KB)
Restructuring in Healthcare

How do you find out what is really relevant for your house and how do you shape change?

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 195 KB)
key figure control

Signal for corporate management with a course towards strategic and operational goals

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 1,1 MB)