"Activating HR" - Why HR must lead the way in future transformation and define its own value proposition

A variety of external and internal triggers create high pressure for change on companies. Changes that cannot be addressed only structurally. The cultural component of change cuts across all levels of the company. Entrepreneurial thinking by all employees requires a different management style, different working methods and more flexible organizational forms - also to keep the workplace attractive and the opportunity for personal growth high. If the management team takes care of the corporate strategy, HR must be empowered to also translate it into culture, values and sense-making and to develop the cooperation, leadership and training systems in such a way that they incentivize and support necessary changes.
It is clear to all those involved that this transformation of the future can only succeed if it is consistently followed or accompanied by cultural changes at all levels. Many questions are derived from this, in which HR must be heard and define its own value contribution:

  • How does HR prepare the company for the transformation of the future?
  • How can HR formulate and drive the accompanying cultural change?
  • How does HR participate in the implementation in order to combine structural and cultural changes and to witness concrete changes?
  • How can HR draw the right conclusions from the transformation, e.g. for work force management?
  • Are there instruments to measure and manage developments and changes in qualitative areas as well?

Current Topics for HR in Business Transformation

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