Why HR should be at the forefront of digitizing its business model 

We repeat a truism: If you want to address the talents of tomorrow, you have to meet them in the same way and, above all, exactly where they spend their time primarily for information and to exchange ideas with peers. What many companies underestimate, however, is the fact that a digital approach and appropriate onboarding are not enough. The expectation is to be able to deal with career development and, above all, personal growth themselves at any time - regardless of place and time and, above all, without having to open up directly to a manager or HR employee. To this end, all employee-oriented processes in HR and personnel development, without exception, must not only be digitized, but also developed in a consulting-oriented or creative manner, but must also be accessible 24/7 in the cloud. In the future, employee retention will be expressed primarily in the identification of options for personal development, the next career step, and the exchange/comparison with peers, especially within one's own company. This requires a massive change in thinking and the design of HR processes and requires investments in people and systems that have not previously been on the agenda to this extent.

  • Do we know the expectations of our future and current employees for omni-channel addressing, development and protected exchange?
  • What tools, methods and solutions are available to us and where is development heading in these areas?
  • From which companies can we learn and, above all, avoid mistakes?
  • How can we get started and successively expand our know-how and still create a basis for the future at an early stage?

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