Heiko - Senior Partner

My journey with 4C started already at the beginning of my professional life, right after graduation and was professionally the best thing that could have happened to me. From the very beginning, I was involved in customer projects and experienced first-hand what it means to be a 4C employee: customer orientation, substantive competence and conceptual strength. Fast pace, a steep learning curve, lots of fun with colleagues (yes, business consultants also have humor) and a dynamic environment are phrases that come to mind when thinking of this phase. My still young and malleable "Young Professional Brain" has been 4C-brainwashed for all time.

That also helped me in the following years as a senior employee and director at a large German bank. I basically worked almost exclusively in projects at the Frankfurt headquarters. This intermediate step in the banking industry has trained my management and leadership skills. And best of all: I was allowed to come back to 4C ...

And now I'm back - voluntarily. Out of free will. Not because I did not like it in the industry, but on the contrary. I felt very comfortable as a manager in the headquarters of a major global bank and could have imagined staying there as well. But I have missed two crucial things that I have experienced in my first time at 4C:

1) the daily cooperation with the client in demanding projects, and 2) the high-performance as well as familiy environment at 4C.

How I'm feeling about this now? Excellent!