Healthcare Due Diligence

Financial and commercial due diligence - making decisions successfully

For 20 years it has been one of our core tasks to analyze complex facts in detail, to penetrate them and to make them transparent. These skills condense particularly in projects for Financial and Commercial Due Diligence (FCDD), which we carry out from our Competence Center Healthcare in the focus areas acute care, nursing facilities and (outpatient) rehabilitation.

With our expertise, we support both buyers and sellers in the classic DD process and create transparency through our structured approach, generating trust among all parties and thus ensuring an efficient settlement process. The results of the FCDD are not just the purchase price valuation for acquisitions. Based on our consulting focus on corporate governance, we use the FCDD in consulting projects for the validation of planning, scenarios and business cases, as a basis for investment and financing decisions, for the alignment of commercial and administrative processes and organization, and as a baseline in refurbishment projects. We individually and efficiently align scope, analysis and result format to these diverse FCDD requirements and requirements.

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Our experts for healthcare due diligence

Dr. Manuel Iserloh

Senior Partner

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Andreas Walter

Senior Manager

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