Personal growth with 4C

Flat hierarchies and small project teams accelerate rapid integration as well as open up insights into all levels of project work quickly. This way you gain experience and expertise as well as we gain necessary insights about your personal development in no time.

We value a vibrant corporate culture beyond project work. We invest in our organization and employees. We appreciate an attractive, high-quality and modern working environment that promotes cooperation and networking. We believe that comprehensive and regular communication about the development of our company as well as training our employees, are just as important as our clients' goals.

We create time and space for your growth and for the growth of our company. Us means the partners and employees who do acquire shares in the company earl on. That is also essential for us.

You have a Ph.D., a master or other additional qualifications in mind? We've got answers to that as well. We regard a career in consulting as a lifelong model.

Employee development@4C – a career path tailored to you


Focus You

We do not promise you the famous rose garden. But encouragement, motivation and support in many forms are guaranteed for all applicants - from the very first day.
from day one:
Two mentors are available to you as contact persons: A senior project manager for the professional start on the first project and a "buddy" for all consulting life situations.
Support meetings take place on a quarterly basis. They help you with your individual development and the requirements on the way to the next level.
We tailor your career path to your individual pace and personal objectives. There is no "up or out" with us.
Our talent factory offers 10 training days and more per year. The trainings include tasks from professional to personal development.
Your learning curve will be steep. You will work in small project teams, quickly take on responsibility and work directly with other experienced colleagues - from the second day on.
Office Day is always on Fridays at the chosen location. Monday to Thursday you are usually with the client.
Family Business, that's how we describe our self-image. The fact that we are an intact community is evident at our monthly office meetings and team events. Also at soccer matches, mountain hikes and other activities organized by the team.

Women@4C – a strong network


We are proud that we women at 4C have established and actively use the "Women@4C" network. The network serves the exchange and networking of us women among each other, the driving of topics that move us and the promotion of our professional development as consultants at 4C GROUP AG.

Four times a year, we deliberately take time together: At on-site meetings at our locations, we discuss and work out the topics that currently concern us and which we want to shape in the future. Our range of topics and the organisation of the meetings is varied and is alternately moderated by our consultants.

Three pillars form the basis of our meetings:

- Enabling and promoting exchange: For example, we exchange ideas on how to deal with challenging project situations for female consultants and share best practice approaches
- Conveying knowledge: Within the framework of "Learning Bites" we train each other, e.g. building and using networks
- Developing and testing our own ideas: We take the opportunity to test new ideas with the Group - e.g. new consulting approaches and products

And it doesn't stop there: We work on and deepen topics in flexible task groups. We use the opportunity to provide impulses to the entire organisation and to take an active role in the exchange with the 4C management. By transporting our Learning Bites into the exchange formats of the 4C GROUP AG, we also ensure that the entire 4C team benefits from our network. And the best thing is: The whole thing is also fun!

Fireside chat@4C – a unique format


With the fireside chat, a unique format was created in which the consultant and partner circle can exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The special thing about it - the evenings take place at the host partner's home, which makes a very intimate exchange possible. The consultants have the opportunity to collect and address topics in advance in order to jointly promote what moves them. The circle of partners has the same opportunity and thus an exchange format is created that is second to none, in which professional, organizational and also personal topics are discussed and passed on to the organization.
In addition, everyone spends a relaxed part of their evening after work with good food and drinks and can get to know other sides of each other that do not come to light in everyday work.

However, this is not just a simple discussion of the issues, but also the taking seriously of suggestions for change, which are then passed on to the management team and implemented so that the advisory group has a special opportunity to participate in shaping the organisation.