Personal growth with 4C

Flat hierarchies and small project teams accelerate rapid integration as well as open up insights into all levels of project work quickly. This way you gain experience and expertise as well as we gain necessary insights about your personal development in no time.

We value a vibrant corporate culture beyond project work. We invest in our organization and employees. We appreciate an attractive, high-quality and modern working environment that promotes cooperation and networking. We believe that comprehensive and regular communication about the development of our company as well as training our employees, are just as important as our clients' goals.

We create time and space for your growth and for the growth of our company. Us means the partners and employees who do acquire shares in the company earl on. That is also essential for us.

You have a Ph.D., a master or other additional qualifications in mind? We've got answers to that as well. We regard a career in consulting as a lifelong model.