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Certification of Human Capital Reporting according to ISO 30414

ISO 30414 for Human Capital Reporting has been available as ISO standard since end of 2018. The introduction of the voluntary guideline "Human Resource Management - Guidelines for Internal and External Human Capital Reporting" is intended to establish a globally uniform procedure for measuring and evaluating personnel-related value creation. The goal of the "Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414" certification is to provide official proof that your Human Capital Reporting is in accordance with ISO 30414. The certification enables you to position yourself competitive towards stakeholders and shareholders, both internally and externally.

We support you on your way to compliance with the Human Capital Reporting Standards ISO 30414. In our latest project we were mandated by Allianz SE and were able to award the official certification.

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„[...]Infineon is one of the first companies worldwide to be officially ISO certified for Human Capital Reporting!
The ISO 30414 certification is the only official international Human Capital Reporting Standard that enables comparable collection and reporting of HR data! It comprises 23 Human Capital related metrics in 9 different areas like Compliance & Ethics, Diversity, Recruitment, Mobility & Turnover, and Leadership amongst others. [...]
We are happy to have received the certification from 4C GROUP AG - Management Consultancy this week! [...]“
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Official Infineon Website Announcement

Infineon Technologies

„We did it! As one of the first companies worldwide, Infineon Technologies is now officially ISO certified for Human Capital Reporting! ISO 30414 is the only official international Human Capital Reporting Standard that enables comparable collection and reporting of HR data! [...] We are super excited & couldn't wait to receive the certificate... A virtual handover with Dr. Heiko Mauterer and Tobias Graessle had to suffice for now.[...]!
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Markus Fink, Executive Vice President & CHRO bei Infineon Technologies

„[...] Allianz became the second company in the DAX 40 to have its HR reporting processes certified under the new international standard for human capital reporting, ISO 30414. The 4C GROUP, a recognized management consultancy and member of the International Organization for Standardization committee that developed the gauge, conducted the certifying audit.
By following the new ISO standard, Allianz is now able to track employees’ collective productivity, diversity, health, and other HR-related metrics in a consistent way across all 60 business units. Allianz HR executives say consistency in tracking these metrics will help make employees’ contributions to the group’s success more transparent to the entire Allianz community, including its managers and investors [...]“

Allianz People Fact Book 2021

„In January DWS became one of the first organizations to be certified in accordance with Human Capital Reporting Standards as set out by the International Standards Organization. Kristina Flügel and Claire Peel were recently presented with the official certificates on behalf of the firm to mark this important milestone.“
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"My first experience with the 4C GROUP was in 2014 in the context of the 'NextGeneration HR' reorganisation. Both Dr. Mauterer and Mr. Baier impressed me with their relevant experience, expertise, methodology and personal commitment. On the basis of this positive experience, I recruited Dr. Mauterer to work in the DIN standards committee 'Human Resources Management', where he is still an internationally sought-after expert and partner at DIN/ISO level with a current focus on 'Human Capital Reporting' (ISO30414). Dr. Mauterer has played a major role in shaping the core elements of this standard and has syndicated them in international committees."

Hilger Pothmann, Berlin Personalleiter und Mitglied der Regionalen Geschäftsleitungen (Nord und Ost) at Deutsche Bank AG

„What gets measured, gets managed. We are proud to announce that Deutsche Bank has become the first DAX30 company to be certified as meeting the Human Capital Reporting Standards ISO30414 through the publication of its HR Report 2020. This international standard recognises those companies who provide the required transparency around people related Key Performance Indicators, such as diversity and inclusion, organisational culture and recruitment. It is also a sign of sustainable corporate governance.
Our drive to meet these standards is aligned to our HR Strategy, which has data driven and objective people decisions at its core. By reaching this milestone, Deutsche Bank has sent a strong signal that it is open about its people related metrics and committed to continuous improvement[...]“
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Deutsche Bank

„We are absolutely delighted to be one of the first organizations to be certified in accordance with these standards and aspire to lead in this developing area of disclosure.“
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Kristina Flügel, Head of DWS Human Resources

Stakeholder Capitalism

In one of the latest Enterprise Engagement Alliance webinars 4C senior partner Dr. Heiko Mauterer alongside R. Edward Freeman, Alex Edmans and more explained the importance of human capital management and stakeholder engagement in the 21st century and talked about why stakeholder capitalism helps in becoming a better company.

Why Human Capital is a Marketing Issue

4C Senior Partner and ISO 30414 expert Dr. Heiko Mauterer and his team support companies on their way to compliance with the Human Capital Reporting Standard. In the Enterprise Engagement Alliance webinar with Bruce Bolger and Dr. Solange Charas Dr. Heiko Mauterer explains why the idea of ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting has moved from a compliance to a marketing and communications opportunity.

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E-Booklet ISO 30414, Key metrics in HR - Human Capital Reporting


4C GROUP AG | E-booklet ISO 30414: Our certification services
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  • Contents of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 
  • Requirements and successful implementation of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414
  • The most important steps: Your benefits and our certification services 
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