3rd Roundtable - Strategic personnel management in hospitals

"Crisis at German hospitals - how does a concept for the future look like?"

Current challenges in human resources management

Management requirements in health care facilities are increasing in almost all areas of the hospital. Due to increasing cost pressure, changes in the labor market and political objectives, the need for action is increasing. Transparency in terms of human resources issues and active personnel management of these challenges are thus becoming increasingly important for clinics.

Recruiting - How will recruiting change in the future? Is there classic recruiting in the future, or will it be replaced by active sourcing and networking? Which employees do I need in the future and what kind of competences do they need? Does "Employee Leasing" work? How can I combine the increased expectations of the applicants and the new generation? Are there any Trends at the market?

Digitization - What does digitalisation means for the job market? Wich opportunities arise for the personnel area? Who should be involved in the creation of a digital agenda, is there a realistic horizon? How much can we actually learn from the industry and other houses for your own process, can we afford to be just a follower?

Employee loyalty - How does successful employee retention look like? How important is the satisfaction of my employees for staying in the company? How can hospitals stay attractive for their employees even in difficult situations? Who is responsible for successful employee retention?

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