2nd Roundtable - Strategic personnel management in hospitals

"Implementing digital transformation in human resources in practice"

Current challenges in human resources management

Management requirements in health care facilities are increasing in almost all areas of the hospital. Due to increasing cost pressure, changes in the labor market and political objectives, the need for action is increasing. Transparency in terms of human resources issues and active personnel management of these challenges are thus becoming increasingly important for clinics.

In a constructive working atmosphere we will elaborate in our Workshop "Implementing Digital Transformation in Human Resources in Practice" a concrete best practice implemantation example for healthcare facilities. We will disscus and introduce the findings from the individual houses. In our common work we will use modern methods like the business model Canvas, the Kano model to create a persona. After the workshop, the results will be summarized an we will design a clickable app prototype for our participiants.

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KKM Workshop Agenda - Digital Transformation