KKM Human Resources Workshop 2017

"Implementing digital transformation in human resources in practice"

Management requirements in health care facilities are increasing in almost all areas of the hospital. Due to increasing cost pressure, changes in the labor market and political objectives, the need for action is increasing. In addition, the pressure in personnel management is growing due to digitization. This digital transformation is partly leading to the dissolution of traditional business models and work structures.
Healthcare institutions face the challenge of asserting themselves in a world of ever-faster, increasingly automated processes; they need to adapt their internal work processes and interaction with employees to the new conditions.

In the workshop "Implementing Digital Transformation in Human Resources in Practice", a concrete best practice implementation example for health care facilities will be developed in a constructive working atmosphere. The findings from the individual practice of the houses should be introduced and discussed. The joint work will use modern methods such as the business model Canvas, the Kano model and Persona. After the workshop, the results are summarized and a clickable app prototype (without connection to IT systems) developed and made available to the participants.

The participants can get to know each other and exchange their experiences in a pleasant working atmosphere and in personal conversations as well as establish contacts and maintain their network. A limited number of participants ensure an active exchange and the confidentiality of all discussion content.

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KKM Workshop Agenda - Digitale Transformation