KKM Roundtable 2017

9th Roundtable Meeting of KKM

Our discussion topics: perspectives, digitization and resources

perspectives: How can future finances, quality and ethics be reconciled? Are changes to today's attitudes necessary? How do hospitals position themselves successfully for the change in the care structure, does everyone need cash registers and an MVZ? What makes a successful hospital in the future?

digitization: Do projects like uniform discharge management drive houses into digital documentation? Where can telemedical services actually improve the profitability of the hospital? Which processes are suitable for digitization at all? Can and should the patient be involved in electronic procedures of the hospital?

resources: Will the changes in the labor market cause a change in job profiles in the hospital? How is the specialist standard developing, will it still be sufficiently covered (can be)? Are reference numbers for the nursing staff in the hospital useful? Is attention a resource that should be considered in the calculation of a quality indicator?

What is the competence network hospital management?
Hospital management is in a widening field of tension between medical needs and economic conditions. The initiative has set itself the goal of generating impulses and new ideas for a sustainable hospital management and to create a platform for the exchange between the executives of the hospitals. One focus is the identification and communication of best practices from hospitals as well as usable instruments from other sectors and industry.

For more information about the competence network hospital management visit our website: kkm-netzwerk.de

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9. KKM Roundtable Einladung