KKM Roundtable 2016

8th Roundtable Meeting of KKM

Our discussion topics: quality, digitization and values

quality: Which measurement criteria for quality are new for discussion? Is a uniform quality definition possible across the different levels of care? How fast can a transition to a primarily quality-oriented billing system be realized? Do we really still have too few numbers today to control the healthcare system?

digitization: Are the approaches of the many new healthcare startups already relevant to the hospitals? Are government initiatives, as part of the system, capable of bringing about any relevant change? What opportunities and challenges does the eHealth law offer especially for hospitals?

values​​: Do key metrics and economic results increasingly replace organizational leadership responsibility? How can traditional values ​​and system claims be reconciled? What room do social demands, personality and individuality take in the leadership culture? What role and responsibility can and do the supervisory boards still want to take on today?

What is the competence network hospital management?
Hospital management is in a widening field of tension between medical needs and economic conditions. The initiative has set itself the goal of generating impulses and new ideas for a sustainable hospital management and to create a platform for the exchange between the executives of the hospitals. One focus is the identification and communication of best practices from hospitals as well as usable instruments from other sectors and industry.

For more information about the competence network hospital management visit our website: kkm-netzwerk.de

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8. KKM Roundtable Agenda