Kompetenznetzwerk Krankenhausmanagement Roundtable 2015

7th Roundtable Meeting of KKM

Our topics of discussion: restructuring, attractiveness and digitization

restructuring: If at the same time all hospitals are striving for a better positioning, does the offer for patients also improve the individual result? How can a financially sound house maintain its earnings structure over the long term? What opportunities are loss-making houses offered by insolvency and protection proceedings? Which roles can carriers still play in the financing?

attractiveness: Can a competitive advantage be gained through center building, specialization and modern processes? Composite structures and cooperation are increasing in all sponsoring organizations, is this a healthy growth or a critical increase of complexity and risk? What makes a home attractive to the increasingly well-informed patient?

digitization: Are the new trends in eHealth and digital process support a real opportunity to improve hospital performance? Are the offers from Apple, Google & Co. pure marketing tools or what potential does digitization offer? Are hospitals in development drivers or driven, who shows the sensible way?

What is the competence network hospital management?
Hospital management is in a widening field of tension between medical needs and economic conditions. The initiative has set itself the goal of generating impulses and new ideas for a sustainable hospital management and to create a platform for the exchange between the executives of the hospitals. One focus is the identification and communication of best practices from hospitals as well as usable instruments from other sectors and industry.

For more information about the competence network hospital management visit our website: kkm-netzwerk.de

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7.KKM Roundtable Einladung