KKM Roundtable 2012

4th Roundtable Meeting of KKM

Our discussion topics: performance strategy, governance and care models

Performance strategy: Are integrated service offerings useful for all houses? Do centers actually improve process efficiency? In which areas are lean management approaches worthwhile? Are medical priorities driven by the market or staff in practice? How is the financial effect of targeted marketing measurable?

Control: Which basic sizes and key figures do management really need? Which the operative staff? What is the optimal report for the clinic? In addition to chief physicians, other types of services are paid variable according to key figures in practice? How comprehensive can and must be a meaningful integrated reporting system? Is benchmarking in finance useful?

Care models: Are hospitals economically or propulsive in development? In which offers can hospitals be financially competitive at all? Which integrative models are proven to be successful and why? How radically can the expected structures of the future be taken into account in decisions today? Can we learn from developments in other countries?

What is the competence network hospital management?
Hospital management is in a widening field of tension between medical needs and economic conditions. The initiative has set itself the goal of generating impulses and new ideas for a sustainable hospital management and to create a platform for the exchange between the executives of the hospitals. One focus is the identification and communication of best practices from hospitals as well as usable instruments from other sectors and industry.

For more information about the competence network hospital management visit our website: kkm-netzwerk.de

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4.KKM Roundtable Einladung