Kompetenznetzwerk Krankenhausmanagement Roundtable 2011

3rd Roundtable Meeting of KKM

Our discussion topics: planning models, personnel management, supply structures

Planning models: Can planning models meet the volatility of hospital performance? How are medical and technical developments taken into account? Is individual planning consistent with country-wide budgeting? How can the competitive situation be taken into account?

Personnel Management: What opportunities do hospitals have for competing for the best minds? Is the setup of a professional recruiting sensible? What role does the use of new media play? Which incentive structure motivates the management team to act autonomously in the interests of the company? Can the involvement in training be made attractive?

Health care structures: Can sustainable integration concepts be targeted at a single hospital or need to be thought of? Can cooperation with the competition work seriously and with what goals? Is the reorganization of organizational concepts and sourcing required due to the shift in service in the hospital?

What is the competence network hospital management?
Hospital management is in a widening field of tension between medical needs and economic conditions. The initiative has set itself the goal of generating impulses and new ideas for a sustainable hospital management and to create a platform for the exchange between the executives of the hospitals. One focus is the identification and communication of best practices from hospitals as well as usable instruments from other sectors and industry.

For more information about the competence network hospital management visit our website: kkm-netzwerk.de

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3.KKM Roundtable Einladung