IBM CCR - Cognos Controller Version 10.3 - Online Event

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4C GROUP AG has established the community of existing customers of IBM Cognos Controller in recent years with the "Cognos Controller Roundtable". In 2016 the meeting took place as an international event with partners from Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK in Frankfurt. So it is planned for 2018.

This year we informed about the changes in the form of a web seminar.
Focus was the new web interface from version 10.3. This is a web application designed for users of a reporting site who need to report to one or more subsidiaries for the Group's financial consolidation. Controller Web is installed with the IBM Cognos Controller client and configuration and management activities are done in the rich client. Version 10.3 integrates with various IBM Cognos products (Planning Analytics, Disclosure Management) to provide a complete analysis and reporting solution.

New customers and interested parties were given an initial insight into the commercial consolidation with IBM Cognos Controller.

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