IBM CCR - Cognos Controller Roundtable 2015

7th IBM Cognos Controller Roundtable

For the seventh time now, IBM and 4C GROUP AG are jointly organizing the IBM Cognos Controller Roundtable. The roundtable has been an integral part of the calendar of all those who successfully consolidate with the IBM Cognos Controller.

In addition to system-related news, we will again have enough time to deepen our hands-on sessions this year. This gives you the opportunity to exchange your experiences with each other, e.g. how your operational activities can be supported during the completion of the system.

The IBM Cognos Controller Roundtable initiative:
The challenge to deliver more and more comprehensive degrees faster and faster is constantly increasing. Constantly new requirements are added. How can qualitative information be generated and delivered in addition to the required quantitative information? In addition, the demands of top management are increasing in terms of internal control tools that must be provided with external reporting in common processes and systems. The aim of the IBM Cognos Controller Roundtable is to give impulses, to point out concrete solutions and to discuss them together. Practical orientation is clearly in the foreground. The roundtable was initiated in 2009 by IBM Cognos and IBM Business Partner 4C GROUP AG.

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