Daniel Cohn-Bendit - European politicians

"A vision of Europe"

It's time again - our already traditional 4C FOOTPRINTS cast their shadows!
With Daniel Cohn-Bendit, we look forward to welcoming you to a well-known personality which will comment provocatively on the current affairs in Europe.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is chosen as an exposed connoisseur and European politician in the context of Brexit, economic structural changes, social upheavals and the trumpeting of politics. We look forward to a great speech about "a vision of Europe", which supports optimism and the use of a European advocate. For many years he has worked for the German and French Greens in the European Parliament and can therefore give us some answers.

By a popular demand of our customers, this year's event will be held in Frankfurt.

Information to 4C FOOTPRINTS
This event is reserved exclusively for selected customers and network partners of 4C GROUP AG. These are managers / managing directors or members of the management medium to large industrial and service companies. The number of participants is limited to max. 50 participants.

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Speaker 4C Footprints 2019 - Daniel Cohn-Bendit