Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter - former astronaut

The Future - Beam me up, Scotty!

Let´s talk about innovation and future - and how quickly the view of the future changes.
Maybe the best way to talk about this interesting topic is Space traveling.

Nowhere else is the unimaginable so tanglible and understandable in a context we all know - Space traveling.
Therefore we invited Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter - a real astronaut, who orbited the earth with the Space Shuttle "Columbia" and currently holds the professional chair of space technology at the Technical University of Munich.

He will take us to a fascinating and illustrated journey through the universe and the future.

Information to 4C FOOTPRINTS
This event is reserved exclusively for selected customers and network partners of 4C GROUP AG. These are managers / managing directors or members of the management medium to large industrial and service companies. The number of participants is limited to max. 50 participants.

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