Christiane zu Salm - successful German media entrepreneur and dying companion

Switchover – Do we really do what we want?

This year, we succeeded in winning one of the most well-known German media entrepreneurs, Christiane zu Salm.

Christiane zu Salm's first career led her to various positions in TV and music, among others for Bertelsmann AG, later on in the management of the TV channels of MTV Europe, TM1 and later 9Live, and finally to the Executive Board The Burda Medien AG, which she left shortly after.

Her second career made her move from the dazzling spotlight of the media to another social spotlight. After a long period of training, she has been working as a volunteer in terminal care for several years also resulting in her first book about her experiences. In addition to her work as an author and art collector, she owns Nicolai Verlag, a publishing company, in Berlin since the beginning of 2016.

In her keynote, "Switchover - do we really do what we want?" she told us about her motivation and experiences in her life.

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Christiane zu Salm