Roger Willemsen - German journalist and former TV presenter

About social involvement - Why we have to participate

We were very delighted that the well-known German journalist and former TV presenter Roger Willemsen delivered the keynote at our 4C FOOTPRINTS 2015.

Roger Willemsen, born in 1955 in Bonn, was the author, university lecturer, translator, editor and correspondent, before he came to television in 1991, where he became known through his cultural programs, films and numerous interviews e.g. with Yasser Arafat, Mikhail Gobatschow, Margaret Thatcher and the Dalai Lama. For that he received among other awards the Grimme Prize in Gold. Meanwhile he toured with a stand-up program through Germany and was the author of numerous other books that are translated in many languages and also received many awarded. Published in 2014 "Das hohe Haus. Ein Jahr im Parlament", that topped the bestseller lists for weeks.

Roger Willemsen discussed with us this evening about the culture of social involvement, as well as parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forms of participation.

Roger Willemsen died tragically on 7 February 2016 aged 60 after a short and severe illness in Hamburg. We join in mourning an exceptional character, speaker, author and presenter.

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Roger Willemsen