Dr. Heiner Geißler - Former Federal Minister for Youth, Family and Health

About disorder - Why people do need values

In 2013, we were able to engage Dr. Heiner Geissler as our keynote speaker for our 9th 4C FOOTPRINTS.

Since 1997, the former Federal Minister for Youth, Family and Health and Secretary General of the CDU is active as an arbitrator in industrial disputes and major projects (such as Stuttgart 21).

Why do we need persistent values, especially in these times? That was the central theme of his keynote.
Dr. Geissler was able to use his extensive experience as a professional politician, a committed Christian and member of numerous non-profit organizations including Attac.

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This event is reserved exclusively for selected customers and network partners of 4C GROUP AG. These are managers / managing directors or members of the management medium to large industrial and service companies. The number of participants is limited to max. 50 participants.

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Dr. Heiner Geissler