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Power grid operators are the backbone of the upcoming energy transition

The energy supply in Germany is currently facing major changes and the goal of significantly reducing greenhouse gases emitted by production by 2050. At the same time, a smooth and reliable nationwide energy and power supply is to be ensured. In this context, power grid operators are an essential component for a smooth transition to a climate-friendly and sustainable energy supply and form the link between energy producers and customers.
As 4C GROUP, we do not want to abdicate our responsibility in the upcoming energy transition and want to make a valuable contribution through our expertise in the field of management consulting for power grid operators by accompanying power grid operators on their way to sustainable transformation. In order to be prepared for the diverse challenges, on the technical, regulatory and process level, we would like to contribute our many years of expertise in the energy industry and support the top decision-makers of the power grid operators to position themselves more sustainably and innovatively in the central fields of action.

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4C Study 2022: “Implementation of Cybersecurity Strategies in the Energy Sector“

Is our critical infrastructure still secure? 12 experts from Germany's largest power grid operators shared their experiences with us.


The energy industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges triggered by the Ukraine war. Energy companies not only have to counter supply bottlenecks, but also face targeted cyberattacks on critical infrastructure.

As part of our study "Implementation of Cybersecurity Strategies in the Energy Sector", we therefore conducted qualitative interviews with a total of 12 experts from the 30 largest power grid operators from the telecommunications infrastructure sector and discussed the implementation of cybersecurity strategies. The questions addressed the number and intensity of cyber attacks, responsibilities, control mechanisms, information procurement, top management awareness, supply chain risks, and future technologies and concepts.

For an initial overview of the study and key findings, please see our document. For more in-depth questions, feel free to get in touch with our expert Martin Stephany.


4C Study 2022: "Implementation of cybersecurity strategies in the energy sector"

Experts from Germany's largest power grid operators were surveyed on the following key topics:

  • Number and intensity of cyber attacks
  • Responsibilities
  • Control mechanisms
  • Information procurement
  • Awareness of top management
  • Supply chain risks
  • Future technologies and concepts

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