Efficiency programs

Bringing the horsepower onto the road: Recognizing potential and purposefully controlling the result

Often, the potential to reduce costs or increase revenue in mature structures leads to inefficiencies in daily work. Insufficient processes, unclear organizational structures in collaboration and decision-making processes, as well as the use or improvement of existing tools. Often it is "small" changes that lead to sustainable improvement.

The analysis and optimization of business processes is our hobby. Along a tried-and-tested approach to classical methods, we go through the structural and procedural organization with the participants and carry out structured interviews and process analyzes based on the Six Sigma SIPOC method from Lean Management. For standard processes, prefabricated templates are used, which we compare against best practice experiences from our projects.

We consolidate the analysis in a meaningful health check, which ultimately creates a roadmap and shows valuable solutions for aligning processes, roles and responsibilities in a clear target image so that concrete work packages and implementation measures can be derived. The measures adopted are consistently transferred to an efficiency program, tracked and brought to a conclusion through transparent project management.

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Our experts for efficiency programs

Dr. Manuel Iserloh

Senior Partner

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Andreas Walter

Senior Manager

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