Digital Transformation Journey

Innovations in the IT organizations can only be driven forward with the right digitalization strategy

We need to digitalize, we need to be faster, more innovative! No one will contradict these demands, they can be heard almost daily at every specialist conference and in every company. New technologies and approaches enable companies to improve existing processes in the IT organization and to establish new business models in and with the business.

However, if new technologies are integrated too slowly or not at all into the IT organization, it's possible that they will no longer be sufficiently competitive. Experience has shown that such efforts and projects often only remain on the surface. Although innovation workshops are offered in the IT organization and employees are trained in design thinking and scrum, a real development towards more innovation and broader digitization requires much more: a fundamental cultural change! This, however, often presents IT organizations with major challenges. That is why it is important to anchor digitization and innovation correctly in the organization.

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Agility is not a silver bullet


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  • Why do agile projects fail?
  • Which solution approach is suitable for a successful transformation to a flexible IT organization?
  • How can IT services be delivered in a customer-centric manner?
  • What roles and structures are needed in a flexible IT organization?

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