Covid-19 - Turnaround Management

Setting up comprehensive turnaround initiatives

It is already clear today that, in order to overcome the crisis, a comprehensive turnaround initiative must be set up "with substance", even for previously "healthy" companies, in order to ensure above all the long-term sustainability of future financing. Due to the uncertain course of the crisis, planning instruments that can map the real levers of the business and their effects in a scenario-oriented manner are becoming critical for the company.

In addition, it is now important to examine all options for crisis management in an open-ended manner. By this we mean, in particular, legally possible forms of restructuring in connection with protective shielding and ESUG. In the end, the goal must be to be able to restart with a really viable business model and the minimum necessary organisation ("minimum viable organisation").

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Pandemic checkup for IT organizations

How to increase resilience of IT organizations based on COVID-19 learnings?


Pandemic checkup for IT organizations

In the current climate, the CIO and IT are in the spotlight, as they have an important part to play in securing business stability in the short term. In addition to ensuring the stability and security of services, applications and infrastructure in the face of the sharp rise in demand for home office work, the focus is on establishing solutions and approaches for remote work.

The particular challenge is to push these complex issues in parallel and under time pressure. In many cases, this has worked well thanks to fast and consistent action by IT managers - IT has literally kept the business alive. In many places, employees and managers have become accustomed to the changed working environment and can also take positive advantage of it.

However, problems have also become apparent in many places, some of which have been solved in a makeshift manner. It is therefore important in the current phase, after the initial stabilization, to exploit the momentum and draw the right conclusions from the crisis in order to make IT more resilient for the future.

Our approach to Pandemic checkup for IT organizations is to carry out a structured evaluation or analysis of the crisis-relevant areas. After the analysis, the fields of action become transparent and the necessary measures are derived. This way the basis for a sustainable crisis-proof organization can be created within a 4-8 week project! We would be happy to explain our structured approach to you in a personal exchange - an introduction to the topic with the challenges mentioned and initial approaches to solving them can be found in our e-booklet.

4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Pandemic checkup for IT organizations
  • Introduction
  • Challenges
  • Approach for more resilient IT organizations
  • Proposed project planning

Download (PDF - 10 pages, 2,1 MB)

HR Reporting

Ready to use HR Reports


Ready to use HR Reports

The Covid-19 crisis continues to have a strong impact on society and the economy and presents us with unprecedented challenges every day. After the first quick-fix measures, it has become clear that what is needed now is above all planned and considered action. Especially the human resources department can currently prove that it contributes more than ever to the survival of their company: HR must actively support management by providing solutions to reduce costs, secure liquidity or make necessary adjustments to organizational structures and work processes.

To do this, HR decision-makers now need answers to questions about capacities, personnel costs and time accounts. In order to be able to answer such questions in a management under uncertainty in a targeted manner, a data-based basis is the decisive success factor. In almost every company the corresponding data is available, but in different systems and often a clear and concise preparation in form of a comprehensive HR reporting is missing.

We are happy to explain our structured approach in a personal exchange - an overview of our 4C HR Reporting solution including screenshots and approach can be found in our 2-Pager.

Find clarity when you need it most – 4C ready to use HR reports
Find clarity when you need it most – 4C ready to use HR reports
  • Interactive visualizations based on Microsoft Power BI or tableau bring your HR data to life
  • Get answers to about 90 percent of all HR-relevant questions
  • Valuable insights from your data within minutes through intuitive reports
  • Rapid provision on the basis of 4C ready to use HR reports within approx. 2 weeks
  • No software implementation or elaborate conception for HR reporting necessary

Download (PDF - 1-Pager, 199 KB)

4C Performance Management Tool

Interactive toolbox: cockpit, commentary and action tracking


Our Performance Management Tool MEASURE

Key figures and cockpits - these management instruments have become an established part of management at all levels of the company. However, practical experience shows challenges again and again, both in the introduction and in the pragmatic and successful use in day-to-day business operations. Cockpits are only alive when they are used: Especially when it is important to store the findings from commented key figures with suitable measures and to implement them successfully. Especially today, it is important to adapt KPIs to the relevant control topics of the business - a natural contradiction to a programmed IT solution. MEASURE therefore provides an interactive toolbox: cockpit, commentary and measure tracking can be flexibly adapted to any decision situation. Let the following video inspire you, it shows the performance management tool MEASURE. You think implementation takes a long time? Let us surprise you and talk to us. Our expert Focke Meyer will be happy to answer any further questions about the tool.

What you can’t MEASURE, you can’t manage - The performance management method 4C MEASURE
  • Topics of the 4C MEASURE method
  • Essential features of the software solution
  • Realization plan - implementation in five steps
  • Advantages for your controlling

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 735 KB)

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