Covid-19 - Immediate actions

Apart from the well-known emergency aid provided by the Federal Government, we note that many companies have only just begun to systematise the economic effects and to estimate the need for support through promotional loans and other financing measures. As was to be expected, many of the aids at state and federal level - as we still do - are tied to a detailed analysis of the effects and a realistic assessment of the "rebound". Companies that were already "in difficulties" before will not be provided with new borrowed capital, or will be very hesitant to do so, and will have to intervene in their cost structures more extensively than was planned anyway.

This is where our first stage of support comes in:

Liquidity management and assurance

Financial and liquidity planning


4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19: Liquidity management and securing liquidity
  • Course of the crisis
  • Leverage to initiate liquidity-securing measures
  • Focus: Liquidity management

Download (PDF - 13 pages, 603 KB)
Finance and liquiditiy planning: Excel template

Download (xls template, 2,6 MB)
Finance and liquidity planning: Description of the Excel template
  • Fundamentals of financial and liquidity planning
  • Requirements in accounting
  • Structure of the file and instructions for filling

Download (PDF - 17-Pager, 912 KB)
Whitepaper to profitability management
  • Objectives of profitability and cost management
  • Basics and principles
  • Instrument kit

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 435 KB)

Have a look at our webcast and webinar on this topic!

Liquidity management - financial planning with Excel

State aid and subsidised loans

Applying for state aid and loans


4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Covid-19: Securing promotional loans successfully
  • Development stages of crisis management 
  • 4 core components of emergency aid
  • Application for promotional loans/emergency aid
  • Value creating application scenarios
  • Continuation scenarios

Download (PDF - 14 pages, 1,2 MB)

Our experts for immediate actions in the crisis

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