Corporate Liability Act - "VerSanG"

The time has come: A new law for sanctioning companies is as good as passed. The German Act on Administrative Offenses (OWiG) has long been criticized for not being suitable for sanctioning companies. There have already been countless debates surrounding the introduction of a corporate criminal law. Now the time has come. The draft presented on September 18, 2020, at the heart of which is the German Corporate Liability Act (VerSanG), has been largely confirmed by the Bundesrat. This means that nothing stands in the way of the law being passed in the near future. That is why everyone who has not already done so should take a detailed look at the main contents and changes.

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Our broschure for the Corporate Liability Act - "VerSanG"

4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Corporate Liability Act (VerSanG)
  • Initial situation & objective
  • Basis & Definitions
  • Impact on companies
  • Sanction mitigating measures
  • 4C Benefits

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Our experts for the Corporate Liability Act

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