Corporate Liability

New regulations for sanctioning company crimes

A new corporate liability law is emerging in Germany: the last federal government had already drafted a law on sanctioning companies, the adoption of which only failed at the end of the legislative period and the election of a new German Bundestag. The German Administrative Offenses Act (OWiG) has long been criticized for not being suitable for sanctioning companies and for lagging behind international developments in legal standards and compliance requirements. In September 2020, the German Federal Ministry of Justice presented a "Draft Law to Strengthen Integrity in Business," the centerpiece of which was the draft Corporate Liability Act (VerSanG-E). The current German government is also working on a timely reform of corporate liability law. Other laws at European level, such as the whistleblower directive to be implemented or the draft of a new directive on supply chain due diligence, place new compliance requirements on companies. That is why anyone who has not yet done so should take a detailed look at the main contents and changes.

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Green Finance und die neue Relevanz von Compliance

In this video, our 4C experts Stephan Grunwald, Senior Partner, and Daniel Lovric, Partner, answer your questions about GREEN FINANCE. They also take a closer look at the relevance of compliance and shed light on the new Association Sanctions Act.

Specifically, the following questions are answered in the video: Why does Green Finance have such a prominent importance and why does it concern all companies? What does CSR mean for management processes, what needs to be done and what does it mean for finance? What role will compliance play in the future? What is the Association Sanctions Act and what does it mean for companies? How can companies prepare? What characterises good compliance and how can the quality of compliance be assessed at all?

Info Session on the Corporate Liability Act

Exchange with compliance experts from Deutsche Bank

What significance will Compliance have in the future? What's the German Corporate Liability Act about and what does it mean for companies? 4C experts Dr. Heiko Mauterer and Daniel Lovric discussed these questions with compliance experts from Deutsche Bank. A great opportunity, as banks have a lot of experience in meeting regulatory requirements. The most important takeaway from the info session for us is that especially for industries that were not heavily regulated in the past, the new Corporate Liability Act will become relevant.

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Our broschure for Corporate Liability

Get a glimpse of the stricter sanctions that are expected to affect companies soon in our e-booklet.


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