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Banking crisis, diesel gate, FIFA corruption affair - the last few years have shown in some impressive examples that non-compliance has become a showstopper for many products and also careers. Quite often, drastic individual sanctions for responsible managers and compensation obligations for companies follow. Compliance has thus become part of the top management agenda. At the same time, existing regulations are being expanded and tightened by the supervisory authorities and legislators. This not only confronts companies with the question of how to comply with all regulations in the area of risk and compliance, but also how to sustainably maintain the profitability of a company. The question is: With which products or services and in which markets can a company generate sustainable profits in the future - in strict compliance with regulatory and legal requirements?

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4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Efficiency increase in regulatory reporting processes
  • Reduce effort, increase efficiency, promote good decisions
  • 3-step process: stocktaking, analysis of reports, optimization of processes
  • Benefits for employees in the creation process and benefits for Chief Risk Officer / Boards

Download (PDF - 5 pages, 577 KB)
4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Compliance Efficiency
  • Introduction and Overview
  • „Compliance Efficiency"
  • Regulatory Technology

Download (PDF - 21 pages, 1,4 MB)
Whitepaper on PSD2 - What the IT of Third Party Providers needs to consider when providing PSD2 services
  • What should be considered when mapping PSD2 services?
  • What are the service-related IT requirements?
  • How should framework IT requirements be defined?

Download (PDF - 7-Pager, 600 KB)

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