Digitization of the IT organization

Cultural and organizational challenge

Digitization is a top issue in the business. The impact on the business, the customer relationships and also the suppliers are hotly debated, always citing the classic examples of startups and mega-successful digital players. But what impact does digitalization have on classic companies, and especially on the IT organization?

Digitization will dramatically change IT organizations, as well as existing levels of stability, reliability, and performance of the services deployed, new IT requirements are set for speed, flexibility and scalability of services. These requirements are not superseding, but complementary. An IT of two speeds or the bi-modal IT is used in the long term. Defacto, however, is not a question of two different IT departments, but a symbiosis of different approaches in an "organism", comparable to the left and right hemisphere of a human being - different perspectives and strengths, interacted in one person. The IT organizations must learn to build both abilities and to combine them together, a separation does not lead to a long-term goal.

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