Skill Management

The ongoing and systematic recording of employee competencies forms the basis for well-founded and goal-oriented decisions. As a link between corporate strategy and operative personnel work, skill management is a valuable tool for the personnel department. Successfully implemented, it enables HR to position itself as a strategic partner of management and to make an essential contribution to sustainable corporate planning.

For the expansion of a consistent skill management, a reliable database of actual and target competences is crucial for success. Relevant data must be collected comprehensively and systematically from various sources and continuously maintained and expanded. The aim is to relate the strategic development of the company's core competencies to the individual competencies of its employees. By comparing the competencies required in the future with those available in the company, gaps in competencies arise that need to be closed and prevented through targeted personnel management measures. 

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Skill Management - "Wonder Weapon for Business"

"Do you know the skills of your employees?" Most companies have to answer this question in the negative and thus give away part of their potential. Competence management can provide an answer here and serves as a driver of personnel development in your company.
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