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HR as a partner in transformation

While the digital transformation initially had a major impact on operations and customer interaction, it is now increasingly impacting the infrastructure areas of organizations. Human Resources is currently in a position to withstand strong competition for qualified and talented employees while responding to changing demographic and cultural conditions. Digitization offers the Human Resources division the opportunity to develop into a value-added HR organization and to distinguish itself as a partner in transformation. Digitization is an ongoing process in which HR must not be left behind.

The personnel area offers a multitude of possible starting points for digitization topics. Development potential can be found from the implementation of a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution with a uniform backend to the digitization of individual HR core and support processes. Today, it is no longer a question of digitizing paper forms, but rather of completely rethinking processes and structures, including the development of new business models. Digital transformation is a process rather than a target state that must be individually defined.

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The “Digital Prototype Career Management” can be seen as an example for an increasingly stronger spreading Digital Business Transformation, representing the digital change of all sectors of modern economy.

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