Target Operating Model

Evolution of the finance office

The role of the CFO and its organization has changed fundamentally in recent decades and will continue to change in the future. The financial organizations have freed themselves from the role of data collectors and accountants and have become analysts and a business partner organization. In this role as an advisor in the organization, non-financial data has become increasingly important.

In times of digitization, the number of available data is increasing, the analysis of the data becomes more and more important for new or potential business models, and even within the core processes of the financial system, the significance of this data changes as it becomes essential for billing or forecasting. A plant builder who previously sold or leaked his products with a service contract may now leave his plants to the customer and be compensated for by the use of the transactions of the machine.All at once data about the daily use of the plant, e.g. the number of welding processes, number of bearing movements, etc. are also important for billing, but also for planning and forecasting. Statistical methods known to the organization from the logistical forecast methods are becoming more and more important here and the old contradiction between planning by the responsible person and the statistical "calculation of the future" has to be solved with new explosiveness.

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