Risk management

More than a risk report!

Risk management is a peculiar management discipline! The meaning of risk management is immediately clear to everyone, early warning instruments required by law that must be proven - one side of the coin. Risk management is an integral part of the daily decision-making process, it is extremely diverse in instruments and applications - and thus it hardly seems possible to describe and implement the task of the risk manager - the other side of the coin. 

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Robust SCM - what do we learn from the crisis?

Examination and evaluation of supply chains and sourcing concepts must be ensured by the SCM Risk Management


Robust SCM - what do we learn from the crisis?
  • Supply Chain Management - an elementary control task
  • Safety stocks must be included in the sense of a holistically successful management of the value and supply chain


Our broschures for risk management

Risk management, IT risk management, effective planning concepts


Risk management: Ensuring long-term economic health of your company by actively managing opportunities and risks
  • Challenges in managing risks
  • 4C model for integrated management of operational risks
  • Benefits and results: Advantages of integrated risk management
Effective IT risk management creates real value in information technology: IT risk management is much more than just compliance
  • Risks in IT and the associated risks in the business processes of companies
  • Goals of IT risk management
  • Basis for effective IT risk management
  • 4C Consulting approach + benefits and results: Enabling effective and efficient risk management 
Effective planning concepts are consistent with the business model
  • Efficient and coherent planning processes
  • Solution: the 4C Planning Map
  • 4C consulting approach: 4C planning assessment method
  • Benefits/ Results and Tools

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