Process Mining 

Optimization, standardization or compliance requirements in business processes - 100% complete and maximally transparent

In many companies, efforts have been made to reduce transaction costs, centralize and automate processes. As a result, complex, multi-level process structures have often emerged, which are supported by different software products but still have high efficiency potential.
To detect inefficiencies and appropriate measures, e.g. to reduce processing times, reduce process costs or improve service quality, traditional methods such as data analyzes or expert workshops are reaching their limits in complex process chains and large data sets.

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4C GROUP is official Celonis Implementation & Consulting partner

Celonis is the world's leading provider of process mining software. The company, which was founded in 2011 and is growing rapidly, offers industry-independent solutions for the production of transparency and efficiency in business processes, no matter which IT systems they are depicted. Worldwide, more than 300 well-known customers rely on Celoni's software.

Our broschure for process mining

Whitepaper to process mining - unprecedented transparency opens up the potential for standardization and permanent optimization!

Contents at a glance:

  1. Challenges 
  2. Identifying potentials 
  3. Measure the success 
  4. Best practice approach
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